10 Must-Have Apps For Engineering Students

Engineering is an incredibly complex field to major in. The diverse topics, specialization subjects, and technical course content can make it challenging for students to master their degrees. More importantly, the rapidly developing world of science and technology regularly brings innovations and updates in engineering. Keeping up with these is impossible if you only have conventional learning approaches to rely on. Fortunately, living in the era of smartphones has made it incredibly easy for students to access resources that can facilitate their schooling.

The internet and smartphone technology has opened doors to countless opportunities. However, most people don’t realize how much they can benefit from these personally and professionally. Contrary to popular belief, mobile phone applications don’t just provide platforms to stay in touch with friends and family. Instead, they are also one of the most efficient sources of learning and building your knowledge and skills.

Since engineering students must cover their course material in-depth and constantly stay up-to-date with the latest innovations, these apps are the perfect avenues to do this. For easy and effective access to the latest education material, here are ten apps that can undoubtedly take your engineering career to the next level.

1. GeeksforGeeks

GeeksforGeeks is an all-encompassing app that offers solutions, tips, information, and frequently asked questions related to information technology. If you’re a computer engineer and just starting to learn the ropes of this field, this application can help you learn fundamental programming concepts. You can also build on this knowledge to develop algorithms and practice coding to improve your skills all on your own. Doing so can be beneficial when you enter the professional world and start looking to build your career.

2. iEngineer

The iEngineer app places all your textbook information – and more, at your fingertips. With a database rich in the latest technological advancements and developments, it provides a one-stop destination for all your engineering queries. It’s also incredibly beneficial in helping you figure out the practical application of your field. For example, it teaches you how much force a particular object can withstand and what is the best equipment to handle it.

3. Graphing Calculator

Numbers, conversions, and calculations are an everyday part of an engineer’s life. However, lugging around a chunky calculator isn’t convenient. Instead of carrying an additional device, you can install the Graphing Calculator on your smartphone to do all your calculations. From helping you complete your assignment to designing a project, this can prove valuable in handling various basic and advanced mathematical problems.

4. Droid Tesla

The Droid Tesla is a simulator app perfect for electrical engineering students. Learning critical concepts of electronic circuits and their construction can be incredibly challenging, primarily when you rely only on textbooks. But by building model circuits, you can better understand what each component does and how it functions. This approach helps students grasp engineering theories much more quickly and makes them capable of solving real-life problems more efficiently.

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5. SoloLearn

With the world becoming more digitalized, software and computer engineers are in high demand—being one of the most popular professions of the 21st century. But to meet this demand, many people enter this field, making it highly competitive and challenging to stand out in the crowd. However, you have better chances of excelling by building your technical skills such as coding, debugging, and data analytics. SoloLearn provides students with various courses and real-world practice exercises to help them advance faster than their peers.

6. Wolfram Alpha

Most people refer to the Wolfram Alpha as the “Wikipedia of Engineering.” This app offers a bank of knowledge for many engineering disciplines and can be highly beneficial in solving your misconceptions. It has information regarding every topic, from computing formulas and material science information to aerodynamics and satellites. You can also seek help from this app to complete assignments and homework or solve practice problems to prepare for your exam. Wolfram Alpha is also valuable for assisting students in designing research projects or experiments for a more practical approach.

7. Engineering Unit Conversion

As an engineer, dimensions and unit measurements are your most valuable assets. You can’t afford to make any mistakes with these, as even a minor mistake can cost your whole project. The Engineering Unit Conversion app can take care of all your calculations. Regardless of which unit or measurement you’re working with, it makes fast work of your conversions and provides reliable and accurate dimensions in return. So, everyone can benefit from this app, whether you’re an electrical, mechanical, or chemical engineer.

8. Learn Java

Becoming a programming language master like Java takes time, effort, and dedication. Traditional classroom settings and lectures aren’t always as efficient in helping students grasp the language fundamentals. But apps such as Learn Java offer lessons, quizzes, and projects that can quickly develop your expertise in this programming language. It even allows you to create your portfolio by working on multiple projects. You can then use this to showcase your skills to potential recruiters and land the job of your dreams.

9. DropBox

DropBox has been around for several years and continues to gain popularity. Because of its large storage capacity, the tech community widely uses it regularly. Engineers can also benefit from it by saving their progress, workflow, and all relevant project details on these cloud spaces that are secure and user-friendly. It also allows users to access files across various devices, making it easy for you to work on your project regardless of your location. You can also share your files with other team members, professors, collaborators, or clients.

10. Element14 Everywhere

Element14 Everywhere is kind of like Facebook for engineers. It connects experts and novices of the field from worldwide on a single platform. Discussing various topics, including rising technology and old-school tricks, helps students learn essential things they may not have access to in classrooms. It also provides opportunities to collaborate, work with other engineers, and share resources across organizations to build bigger and better projects. This app can also help you build on your engineering vocabulary and clear fundamental concepts of your field through various perspectives and experts.

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Like everything else, education and academic strategies are also shifting to more digitalized platforms. The popularity of smartphones and the internet have opened limitless avenues for social interactions and learning opportunities. But since textbook information can quickly become outdated, you must have other more recent sources that can provide you with the latest knowledge. Downloading engineering apps like those mentioned above can promptly resolve this problem and offer you a long-lasting solution for several years to come.

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