5 Documentaries That Every Poker Enthusiast Must Watch

Poker is a fascinating game that requires strategy, skill, and luck. It has been played for centuries by people of all backgrounds, with the stakes ranging from friendly games among friends to large-scale tournaments with huge cash prizes.

For those looking to sharpen their skills or get an inside look at the world of poker, there are plenty of documentaries on streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. Whether a novice or a veteran player, these five poker documentaries will give you valuable insight into the game and its players.

All In: The Poker Movie

If you’re looking for a movie that will give you an inside look at the world of poker, then All In The Poker Movie is the one for you. This documentary follows professional poker players’ lives and explores the game’s history. In addition, it features interviews with some of the biggest names in poker, including Daniel Negreanu, Phil Hellmuth, and Chris Moneymaker.

The film takes viewers on a journey through time as it examines how these poker players have evolved over the years from simple poker cheat sheet wielding amateurs to the thrilling and high-stakes pros we know today. In addition, it looks at how technology has changed the way people play and how it has impacted the industry. Finally, the documentary also touches on strategy, luck, and psychology.

All In: The Poker Movie is a must-watch for anyone interested in learning about this popular card game. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced player, this documentary will provide insight into the world of poker and its many nuances. So grab your popcorn and get ready to be entertained!


After premiering on Canadian television, the documentary “KidPoker” – which centers around the life of renowned poker player Daniel Negreanu – reaped many positive reviews. This marks PokerStars Original Films’ first feature-length film and also celebrates a legacy that lasted 12 years.

Daniel Negreanu’s inspiring journey from childhood to being a world-renowned professional poker player was documented in the 2015 documentary. This masterpiece is available for streaming in multiple countries, such as New Zealand, Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Ireland – not to mention those living Stateside.

Take a journey through Daniel Negreanu’s life, from his humble beginnings in Canada to becoming the youngest player to win a World Series of Poker bracelet at age 23. As you explore his personal and professional background, you will soon understand why he was known as “Kid Poker” and how it earned him recognition among other high-stakes poker players in Las Vegas.

This inspiring documentary shows how his poker career took a dream-like turn from playing at lucrative tournaments to becoming an acclaimed television personality. Over $46 million in live tournament winnings and induction into the Poker Hall of Fame later – that’s what success looks like! So get ready for an exciting show as we follow him on his journey toward achieving greatness.

High Roller: The Stu Ungar Story

High Roller: The Stu Ungar Story is a 2003 biopic about the life and times of one of the greatest poker players of all time, Stu Ungar. This documentary film examines Ungar’s meteoric rise and fall from fame, exploring his often troubled personal life and his incredible talent for the game of poker.

The movie follows Ungar’s life from childhood prodigy to world-renowned card shark, detailing his successes and failures. It also examines how his drug addiction eventually led to his downfall and discusses his impact on modern poker through interviews with some of today’s top players.

High Roller was critically acclaimed upon its release in 2003, particularly for its nuanced portrayal of Stu’s complex character and honest look at both sides of him. To this day, it remains an essential piece of cinema for anyone wanting to learn more about Stu Ungar or enjoy an insightful story about a fascinating individual.

The Biggest Game in Town

The Biggest Game in Town is a 2016 documentary film that follows the biggest high-stakes poker game of its time. Directed by Al Alvarez, the film showcases some top players, including Stu Ungar, Doyle Brunson, and Amarillo Slim Preston.

The documentary looks at these professionals as they battle it out to take home the big prize. In addition, viewers get an up close and personal look at how these card sharks play their game – from reading opponents’ hands to bluffing and making strategic moves.

The Biggest Game in Town will give viewers insight into high-stakes poker that no other documentary can provide. It’s a must-watch for anyone interested in learning more about this fascinating game and a captivating look into the life of one of its greatest players – Stu Ungar.

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The Grand

The Grand is a 2007 documentary film exploring the world of professional poker. This movie follows the lives of 7 professional players as they compete in a no-limit Texas Hold ’em tournament held at the Golden Nugget Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas.

The players featured in the film come from different backgrounds, giving viewers an interesting look at what it takes to be successful in this game. Each player has a unique approach to success, from fundamental strategies to psychological tactics. Grand offers a fascinating insight into the lives of some of the most talented and determined poker players today. Its stunning visuals and captivating storytelling are guaranteed to leave viewers mesmerized.

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