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If you’re looking for the best app development tips and tricks, you’re wrong. is a low-quality website that offers poor advice for app development. In this article, we’ll look at why App.splat is not a credible source for information on apps. We’ll also explore some of the site’s most popular pages to see how bad the content is. Stay away from app splat com if you want to make an app that will be successful!

What Is App.splat?

app splat com is a site dedicated to helping people develop mobile apps for the iPhone and Android. It has a lot of content, which can be a good thing, or it can make it difficult to know what’s important and what’s not. 

In this article, we’ll look at what is offering prospective developers, and we’ll see how their advice is guiding people into making bad apps that will get them in trouble with Apple and Google.

How To Login?

To Login into App Splat, Click on this link: Login Here

How Well Does App.splat Make Your App Look?

It is very interesting to know that the app splat makes your App look like the best thing on earth. The site’s splash page showcases a photo of two guys wearing what looks like army uniforms with guns in their hands and sunglasses on their heads, smoking a joint. Above that photo is a non-descript GIF image of some abstract waveform imagery.

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What Should You Know About Photos and Reviews on App.splat?

app splat com contains thousands of screenshots, each claiming to be from a “top app.splat app”. Because so many of these apps are featured on the site and in App.splat’s ads, you’d think there would be some consistency between them. But you’d be wrong!

You can see what a good app looks like and how it’s supposed to work by looking at the screenshots on the page. But that doesn’t mean that all of those screenshots are real screenshots. Many of the apps have fake screenshots with badly-drawn shadows and other features that wouldn’t possibly exist in a real app.

How do I know which apps are “real” ones?

The Top Apps page on is full of screenshots and apps that aren’t there. It would be best to only trust the apps in the list on this page. You can verify if an app is real by looking at it closely and seeing if the screenshots are of a real app or not.

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How Does App.splat Help You Become an iOS Developer?

The best way to make money developing for iOS is to be a paid developer for Apple, which requires you to be enrolled in Apple’s online developer program. You will have to pay a yearly fee to access these online courses and courses on other Apple products, including apps.

But app splat com doesn’t tell you anything about enrolling in the Apple developer program, never advising any of their users to sign up for it. They skip over the part where you need a real reason for being an iOS developer, so your App doesn’t even look like an app.

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