Fix Busy Signal Instead Of Voicemail Error | 3 Easy Methods

Many mobile users are facing an issue of busy signal instead of voicemail on their devices. This error is showing up for an unknown reason and it is really frustrating for users to face this issue of sprint voicemail busy signal. In this article, we have added 3 ways with the help of which you will be able to fix the error busy signal instead of voicemail.

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3 Methods To fix Busy Signal Instead Of Voicemail Error

1. Add Voicemail Feature To Your Device

Their is quite a good change that the feature of voicemail might not be added in your device. In this method you will have to contact the customer support of the device you are using and ask them to add this feature in your device. Many users tried this method and were able to fix sprint voicemail busy signal error. If this doesn’t work for you, move to next one.

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2. Contact Network Carrier

Before you contact your network carrier, check if the issue is really with the the network carrier. Follow these steps to check if the voicemail is even working or not:

  • Use another device and call your number
  • If the voicemail gets picked up, press the button *(AT&T) and check if you can get the voice message
  • If not getting picked up, problem is within your account
  • Contact the carrier support if that’s the case

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3. Reset VM Support

In this method, you have to reset the VM support. First, remove the VM support and further add it again. This will fix the issue. If you don’t know how to do that, contact the customer support. They will get it done for you and error sprint voicemail busy signal will be fixed.

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These were 3 simple methods to fix busy signal instead of voicemail issue. I hope this article was helpful to you. If you have any questions related to this topic, mention them in the comments down below.

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