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There was a time when Extratorrent cc was the most visited torrent website of all.  In that time, people loved using Extratorrent cc as it gave them access to download everything from free movies, apps, games, television shows, software’s, etc all for free. The ease of access to a variety of forms of entertainment was the catalyst for this public outpouring of affection. Unfortunately, due to the easy access and free torrenting, it led to illegal activities fostering within the algorithms of the website. Extratorrent cc was forced to shut down as a result of this.

What is Extratorrents and what is its purpose?

Extratorrents cc after being established around 2006, quickly became extremely popular among the online community for downloading files, games, videos  and a variety of apps using the peer-to-peer (P2P) process. A P2P networking protocol breaks down files into pieces and sends them through a torrent client from uploaders (seeders) to downloaders (leechers) (a separate program that reads all the information in the .torrent file and connects users to exchange data). 

Extratorrents search had a huge list of torrent and magnet connections for a wide range of content. Through Extratorrents’ advanced search function, one could find almost everything they needed using this feature. A lot of companies and authorities filed legal cases on Extratorrents search citing piracy concerns and, hence, as a result, they were forced to close down.

Several bogus clones for Extratorrents popped up after the parent website shut down as everyone looked for an Extratorrent proxy alternative. Users even looked for ways to unblock Extratorrents. Extratorrent.cd was the first and most successful Extratorrent proxy. Extratorrent.ag was another popular name on the list of knockoffs that showed up when people looked for ways to unblock extratorrents. It was a website that promoted links to spam and phishing websites. 

ExtraTorrent Proxy List

1Extratorrents Proxy 1
2Extratorrents Proxy 2
3Extratorrents Proxy 3
4Extratorrents Proxy 4
5Extratorrents Proxy 5
6Extratorrents Proxy 6
7Extratorrents Proxy 7
8Extratorrents Proxy 8
9Extratorrents Proxy 9
10Extratorrents Proxy 10
11Extratorrents Proxy 11
12Extratorrents Proxy 12
13Extratorrents Proxy 13
14Extratorrents Proxy 14

Can we unblock Extratorrents cc?


Using an Extratorrent proxy would be the best possible way to unblock extratorrents cc. This is a mirror version of the original website which comes included with Extratorrents search. A mirror site is an imitation of the original website with a different host and domain name. The proxy basically allows users to connect to this unofficial version and use it just like they would the original parent website. 

There are many search terms one can use while searching for a fully functional extratorrent proxy. The most popular search options are: Extratorrents.ch, extratorrentscc.cc, extratorrents.to. 


This proxy has earned the distinction of being one of the most well-known unblock Extratorrents links. This Extratorrents proxy encourages its users to use the Extratorrents search option and enjoy their favourite movies, television shows, games etc. Unfortunately, since it is a mirror version and not the original website, users are restricted from gaining complete access to the website depending on where they are located. This could by bypassed using a VPN. 


This is the next most searched option when people look for ways to unblock extratorrents cc. This proxy is a fantastic option if you want to access the main torrent website. This extratorrents site has a great bandwidth and, hence, it allows users to download their favourite torrents at almost the same speed as the original website.  Another unique feature of this extratorrents proxy is that this one mainly focuses on the newest shows and movies. 


Extratorrent.net is the third proxy website that has earned global recognition as one of the most trusted platforms for uploading torrents from blocked websites as it delivers a vast amount of content to its users. They are known to update regularly with the latest releases in songs, movies, games, software’s and much more. With such features and amazing data, extratorrent.net has achieved widespread prominence and is known as one of the leading extratorrent proxy sites. Despite this, the website might be blocked in some countries but this can be bypassed using a VPN. Thus, if you are looking to unblock extratorrents cc, this is a good proxy. 

Extratorrents alternatives

Below are some alternatives for users who are unable to unblock extratorrents. 

1. 1337X

Proxy: 1337X Proxy List

1337 is one of the most popular torrent websites to currently exist. They keep changing their domain names as Google blocks them every time they resurface. Some of the elite content uploaders of the world post their data here, so it is safe website for all users. 

2. Torlock

Proxy: Torlock Proxy

Torlock is an ever expanding website with over 5 million torrents to choose and download from making it one of the top alternatives. They are known for providing movies, television shows etc in HD quality.

3. PirateBay

Proxy: PirateBay Proxy List

Piratebay remains at the top of the game by providing access to the distribution of a massive amount of videos, music, apps, and shows. Pirate Bay is a charitable organisation based in Seychelles. It was founded in 2003 by a Swedish anti-copyright activist. Hence, they make sure that there are no copyright related infringements. 

4. Torrentdownloads

Proxy: Torrentdownloads Proxy

TorrentDownloads is another well-known torrent platform thanks to their  well-organized library. If you cannot find what you are looking for on other pages, this is actually your best bet. Because of its high-profile reputation, it has drawn the attention of officials in a number of countries and has been banned in others. 

5. Eztv

Proxy: EZTV Proxy

EZTV has been regarded by consumers as a straightforward torrent platform. It provides an active community for users to report problems with broken ties. Because of security and privacy issues, EZTV.ag has lost some of its reputation over the years. Hence, to make its users feel more secure, EZTV advises them to use a VPN before using its services.

6. Limetorrent

Proxy: Limetorrents Proxy List

LimeTorrents.cc is a fantastic website known for its simple, clean, and user-friendly interface. Users can easily enjoy new releases with lightning-fast downloads and a wide number of seeders. Unfortunately, the site can disregard older torrents, leaving them unattended and in poor condition. If your favourite torrent site is inaccessible, this site can be used as an alternative.

7. Zooqle

Proxy: Zoogle Proxy

One of the most simple torrent websites to exist, Zooqle has the most easy to use interface. The website has a massively impressive collection of over 36,000 movies and 600 TV shows to choose from. It has a significant number of loyal users who seem to be rising at a steady rate over time.

8. Torrentproject2

Proxy: Torrentproject2 Proxy

Torrent Project is also one of the amazing alternatives to Extratorrent. It is a clean and minimalistic website which leads you to a search page where you can search for what you wish to download. This website also offers users options to purchase VPN in case they download copyrighted content. 

Are Torrents legal or illegal?

When we visit a torrent website, it is not uncommon for us to see a message warning us by revealing our IP address and our location thus striking fear in our minds. The message states that the ISP might take legal action for downloading torrents. With a growing number of countries banning torrent sites, it is easy to assume that torrents are unsafe to download content from. 

However, as a matter of fact, downloading data from torrents is not illegal. One can use torrents to download and seed content as long as it is not copyrighted material. If one wishes to distribute and torrent copyrighted material, then it can be considered illegal. 

Since the amount of content and the number of users are increasing every day, It is difficult for agencies to track these websites. What is more amazing is, torrent websites keep changing their domain names regularly to avoid a ban. Thus, to prevent the illegal distribution of copyrighted data, many countries ban torrent websites completely.

If a particular torrent website and its alternatives are banned, you should consider getting a VPN as this will allow you to browse torrent libraries and download what you need. 

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