How much does it cost to work with a React Native developer?

The variety of digital goods keeps expanding as a result of universal digitalization. Experts must create and maintain any solution in the relevant technological fields. Experts in the React framework are in high demand across many different IT disciplines.

React Native has established itself as a top alternative for creating mobile apps. It is a JavaScript framework that enables programmers to produce native-like applications for the Android and iOS platforms. As a result, it has emerged as an appealing substitute for businesses looking to create mobile applications. They can conveniently engage with a React Native app development company to proceed with their mobile app development.

It can be difficult to estimate a precise cost to hire React Native developer. The ultimate price is influenced by some variables, including the developer’s experience, work region, and the depth and architecture of the application.

Why is React Native so popular?

Facebook’s React Native is backed not only by prominent members of the industry but also by a sizable developer community. Code reusability is one of the main factors contributing to React Native’s enormous prominence among programmers and business owners. The framework does away with the necessity to create unique code for both Android and iOS.

It enables developers to code once and seamlessly share up to 90 percent of it between the Android and iOS platforms. React Native accelerates the whole mobile app development operation, enabling one to release their app to the market more quickly.

Aspects affecting the cost of recruiting a React native developer

It might be an excellent investment for organizations creating top-notch mobile applications. React Native developer salaries might vary depending on several variables. The following are some major elements that can impact the hiring cost.

  • Experience level

The amount it costs to hire React Native developer might vary depending on the developer’s experience level and expertise. Senior developers are the best candidates for challenging projects requiring in-depth knowledge. It may be because they are more aware of current trends and techniques in React Native development.

Examine the project details to decide the amount of knowledge required of the developers.

  • Category and complexity of the app

A developer may create various apps using React Native, including chat and media. Each application type has a unique feature range and collection of business needs. Hence, the total cost of developing a React Native app differs depending on the kind of app.

Another aspect that affects the cost of employing React Native app developers is the intricacy of the whole mobile app construction task. End-to-end mobile app development often takes a few days to several months.

  • App design

An app with an excellent design is essential in the modern customer-driven environment to keep one step ahead of the rivals. The number of screens an app requires can determine its cost. Be prepared to spend extra if the app’s screens primarily feature intricate UI designs. Moreover, building React Native apps is significantly less expensive than designing native apps.

  • Developers’ location

React Native developers’ hourly wages differ significantly from place to place. One should pay more if a business opts to employ from a country with high living standards, like the USA. Thus, if one lives in such nations, it would be wise to consider outsourcing development to nations with less expensive labour costs.

In comparison to other locations for outsourcing, India’s labour costs are considerably lower. Furthermore, there is a substantial supply of skilled developers in India. Hence, it is simple to establish the ideal balance between quality and price when outsourcing to India.

For instance, the hourly rate of a developer from North America is $100 to $200. The hourly rate of a Russian developer can cost around $25 to $50. Similarly, a developer from India charges about $20 to $40 per hour.

  • Developer hiring strategy

Business owners can set up in-house developers, outsource a React Native app development company or hire an experienced freelancer.

IT outsourcing providers can assist in delivering dedicated react native developers based on the project demands. Working with artists, developers, and testers, among other subject matter specialists, all under one roof is an opportunity. Collaborating with an external company as opposed to a freelancer has several advantages, and that is one of them.

Businesses typically use freelancers, but usually for straightforward tasks. Some well-known freelance marketplaces to locate React Native developers include sites such as Fiverr.


One of the practical options for organizations aiming for long-term success is mobile app development.  Using only JavaScript, the React Native framework enables the development of independent mobile apps. Additionally, influential organizations are utilizing its advantages without sacrificing performance or security.

Engaging with remote developers from lower-wage locations can significantly cut the overall app cost. One can speak to a React Native app development company once all the project requirements and budget are set.

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