Disable Auto Start Apps In Android | 4 Easy Steps To Follow

Many times there are Android apps you use that bite away at your phone’s core performance and battery, thus, draining your phone. If this is a problem for you then you should definitely look into how to disable auto start apps in android and keep apps from auto starting android.

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Problems Caused And The Reasons To Keep Apps From Auto Starting Android

1. It slows the phone down

Having too many apps downloaded increases the load on your phones memory and slows it down. More apps means slower phones. This is one of the most important reasons to know how to disable auto start apps in android.

2. It consumes a Lot of battery

Apps running in the background drain and eventually ruin the life of the phone battery. It is best to get rid or disable the apps you are not using to save battery.

3. It consumes a lot of space

All apps consume space whether you use them or not. A great way to keep apps from auto starting android is to delete the apps that are of no use to you. So if you are looking to keep apps from auto starting android then read on. Before looking at how to disable auto start apps in android, let’s see the deference between disabling and uninstalling an app and the benefits of it.

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Difference Between Disabling And Uninstalling An App

When you uninstall an app, it gets completely removed from the phone. Disabling an app stops it from functioning but it still remains in the phone and consumes space. To know how to stop android apps from auto starting follow the method we have added below.

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Disable Auto Start Apps In Android

Some android phones allow you to freeze apps, where you can block the apps from running in the background. To achieve this:

  • Go to your Phone Settings
  • Click on Applications
  • Click on Application Manager
  • Choose the app you wish to block and Click on ‘STOP’ or ‘DISABLE’

Do note that if you launch the app later it will get enabled once again and then you will have to disable it manually. But what is the difference between Stop and Disable?

Force stopping an app prevents it from running in the background unless you open it again. But when you disable an app, it gets hidden until you manually enable it from the settings once again. 

If you are wondering which is the right option to choose, then let me tell you that the disable option works best for pre-loaded apps which cannot be deleted. It is best to disable apps you have absolutely no intention of using in the near future. But before disabling any app, please check if it is of any use to you. Disabling an app usually has no impact on the phone in a negative way unless it has to do with improving the core performance.

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Final Words

As you can see, there are many advantages to looking into how to stop android apps from auto starting. It creates space, frees up memory and this way our phone can function much faster. What’s more, even the battery life gets saved as it does not have random apps stealing it. Hence, getting rid of apps that are useless are a good way keep apps from auto starting android using the method we provided on how to stop android apps from auto starting.

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