Nintendo Reveals The New Nintendo Switch OLED Display | See What It Has To Offer

The next generation of the Nintendo Switch system has been the subject of speculation for almost a year. The new and improved Switch Pro was expected to be announced at last month’s Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), but we were all upset when it wasn’t. The Nintendo Switch is now out, and it was only a matter of time before Nintendo gave us what we all wanted (OLED Model).

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Pricing & Features Of New Nintendo Switch

Let’s start with the facts before judging whether or not the wait was justified, beginning with the release date and price point. On October 8th, the Switch OLED Model will be available for $349.99.  Because this is the same day as the release of Metroid Dread, the newest Metroid game, expect a bundle pack. With 64GB of internal storage and up to 2TB of expandable storage, it boasts a brilliant 7-inch OLED screen and double the internal storage space of the original Switch.

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Does It Have 4K Resolution?

Despite having a somewhat larger screen at 7.0 inches, this is only a.8 inch improvement over the standard Switch’s LCD screen. It’s the same size as a conventional switch, but it’s half a pound heavier. The Joy-Cons haven’t changed, however the stand has been modified to a wider range. Despite what everyone had hoped for, and what we were all certain would happen… There is no 4K, and the resolution stays unchanged, however you may now output to 1080p on your TV instead of 720p.

The LAN connection, which connects directly to the internet rather than depending on Wifi, is the most significant improvement. This will be a huge help to anyone playing competitively on the Nintendo Switch, especially in the Fighting Game Community for titles like Super Smash Brothers Ultimate.

Because the Switch is meant to be used in portable mode, I don’t believe $349.99 is worth it unless you’re simply seeking for the prestige that comes with owning a new console.

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