Setting Up a Personalized Tech-Inspired Office at Home

We all want a space at home where we can set up our computers and geeky paraphernalia. But how do we even start? The internet is full of cool ideas, but many of those can be incredibly expensive. And even when they are not, they are still slightly above budget. Or not exactly to our tastes. But we can get inspiration from those, though. Better yet, we can call on our inner techie and interior designer selves to set things up. 

Here are some tips on setting up a home office that screams “you.”

1. Select a Space

The space you select as your home office is incredibly important. It has to be conducive for working at home. There has to be enough room for the things you need, especially a computer. And perhaps you might want to have some surface for writing, too. 

However, if you have a limited area, you can get creative with your home office. Maybe it is a small corner in your room. Or a cranny in your living room. The trick is to ensure the area has proper lighting and does not have clutter.

2. Get a Trusty Computer

These days, relying on tablets and iPads has become pretty popular for work. But having a computer is still one of the best things, especially when you expect to do some heavy-duty work. That can include programming, video editing, and photo editing. And maybe some gaming on the side? 

The swankiest PCs in the market are extremely expensive, which might put you off from getting a computer for your home office. Fortunately, there are less costly, powerful, but economical options like refurbished desktop computers. Do not let the word refurbished discourage you.  Computers with that label simply mean they have been refreshed for use again. They might not be new, but they still pack a punch when it comes to productive power. 

3. Find a Comfortable Chair

One of the essential items in a home office is the right chair. You will be spending most of the time sitting, so you need to invest in a good chair. Find one that offers maximum comfort and does not make your back hurt all the time. You want to be comfortable when you are working and even when you are gaming or watching your favorite series or movies. 

In this case, an ergonomic chair would be a wonderful idea. There are plenty of offerings out there, and you are bound to find one that agrees with you, comfort-wise and budget-wise.

4. Invest in Lighting

Natural light is good, so you would not need to turn on any source of artificial lighting until dark. However, if you expect to be working even after nightfall, you need to have good lighting. It can be an overhead light or a desk lamp. If you are opting for the latter, there are things to consider for the best desk lamp.

First and foremost, the light has to be top quality. You want a clear lamp that can illuminate your desk space or whatever you are working on. Another thing is adjustability. You can settle for a lamp with a static design, but the best option is still an adjustable one. That is because it will allow you to minimize glare and enable you to fine-tune the placement to suit various tasks.

5. Add a Dash of Personality

Your home office space does not have to be boring and be all about work stuff. You can spruce it up with things that reflect your personality. For example, you can set up some of your favorite figures on your CPU. Or you can have characters sitting on the edge of your monitor. 

And if you are into first-person shooter games, how about a firearm replica? There are plenty of options if you want a flintlock pistol firearm imitation. Even if you cannot find one that is exactly what you have seen and used in-game, there’s bound to be one that is close to it.   

6. Spend a Little on Organizers

One of the productivity tips you encounter in books or online would tell you to keep your workspace clutter-free so you can begin your day smoothly. Organizers are the answer to that. They may not be your cup of tea, but they can clear your space for work.

You can opt for minimalist organizers or find one that reflects your interest. After all, nobody said organizing has to be boring. Is there none available that suits your taste? Get stickers or decals to decorate your organizers and make them less spartan.

Your Space Is All About You

Your workspace does not have to be boring. If it is your style, then fill your desk with knickknacks or figures that make you happy. Decorate the wall nearest to you with things that inspire you. Just keep things organized. Because once the mess starts, your productivity level goes down, too. 

The most important thing, though, is the budget. Set a limit for yourself. Make sure you have the essentials ready first before you buy anything else. That said, have fun putting up your home office!

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Jennifer Warner is a community relations office at and a contributing writer to several computer-related blogs and websites.

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