Activate Turbo Debit Card | 3 Methods {100% Working!!}

The Turbo debit card gives faster access to get your tax refund. When you file your tax return and select debit card as a medium for Federal Tax Refund, Turbo activates the e-file with the refund option. That’s how the turbo debit card activate on TurboTax. 

It also saves your time and money by 30%. You don’t need to get your tax refund by paper or check. There is no charge for Turbo Tax activation if you use Turbo Debit Card.

The Turbo debit card is available for both Visa and MasterCard. Your debit card will be forwarded to IRS for processing your payments during the following year if you are eligible to receive a tax refund. Additionally, this debit card can help you track the activity on your checking account.

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How to activate the Turbo debit card?

For turbo debit card/activate, there are some simple processes given below:

1. Activating Turbo Debit Card Online:

  • For turbo prepaid card activate, open
  • Click on turbo debit card/activate.
  • Enter your information, check the box and click continue.
  • Print and save your Quick Reference Guide by clicking the “Save” button.
  • Click on the complete transaction form, and click continue.
  • Select Get Your Turbo Debit Card Via Email and click continue.

To finish the activation, adhere to the provided steps. For getting the turbo prepaid card activate, keep in mind that you will need to generate a 4-digit PIN.

2. Activating Turbo Debit Card Via Phone:

  • For turbo debit card activate by phone, call on toll-free numbers at (888) 285-4169. You need the card number and CVV number on your card.
  • The phone operator will ask you for the last four digits of your SSN. After that, you must follow the prompts and set up a 4-digit PIN Number.
  • Also, give the phone operator’s last four digits of the SSN.
  • Generate PIN for turbo debit card/activate.
  • Select Get Your Turbo Debit Card Via Email, then click continue.
  • Your card and PIN will be activated in 72 hours. You will receive an e-mail from Turbo Tax with the information of activation. 

3. Activating Turbo Debit Card Online:

  • For the turbo prepaid card activate online, you need to provide all required information.
  • After that, click the continue button to finish the activation process of your prepaid debit card on TurboTax’s official website.
  • You have to install Turbo Debit Visa Card app.
  • Open the Turbo Debit Visa Card app and follow these steps carefully.
  • After this step, you can submit a Turbo Debit card and check the status of your account, from where you have to view all details of your debit card.

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What are the benefits of getting a turbo debit card/activation?

There are many benefits of getting a turbo prepaid card activate, as given below:

  • Free ATM access
  • Pay bills
  • View your tax refund
  • View your bank account balances
  • Get lost or stolen cards replaced.
  • Help with your tax return and dispute unauthorized charges.

Now it’s easy to get the turbo debit card activate at TurboTax’s official website. For more details about Turbo Tax prepaid debit card, visit the official website

You can also balance your bank account and find information about your paycheck directly through an app or website.

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