1337X Proxy List (100% Working!!) | Best 1337X Mirror Sites

What is 1337x torrents?

1337x proxy is a torrent site that offers a wide range of material and programes for download to individuals who are unfamiliar with it. Movies, songs, television shows, and software’s can be downloaded from here.

1337x, which was founded in 2007, grew in popularity after another prominent torrent site, Kickass Torrents, was shut down. 1337x, on the other hand, was not exempt from the Google search query ban. Feelgood Entertainment requested that the site be banned in 2015, which resulted in this. As a result, 1337x transferred its former.pl domain to.to in order to get around the restriction. It is still a popular torrent download site, and it is even a viable alternative to The Pirate Bay.

1337x Proxy List

Here are some of the popular options in the 1337x proxy list to perform a 1337x unblocking:

No.Proxy Status
10https://www.1337x.tw/ Working

You will need a list of alternative mirror and proxy servers for 1337x now that we have demonstrated the need of using a VPN when learning how to utilise it. When you need to access a 1337x torrent or two, proxy and mirror sites come in handy. When Internet Service Providers (ISPs) block an original torrent site, you can utilise a proxy site to access the original torrent site’s content.

What is the need for 1337x proxy?

In many countries, 1337x proxy is blocked. In order to access it, we need to perform a 1337x unblock. The best way to unblock 1337x is to use a 1337x proxy. Due to the fact that many torrent sites, including 1337x proxy, are frequently inaccessible in specific regions, you may want to consider using proxy and mirror services for efficient 1337x unblocking.

These are forks of the original 1337x proxy list torrent website, which hosts a variety of movie torrents among other things. The torrent contents discovered on a 1337x proxy list are nearly identical, despite the fact that their URLs are frequently different. Many popular torrent sites’ mirrors and proxies are not often situated in the same region as their original site. This will aid in improving access speeds, reducing traffic, and ensuring that the parent site’s contents are widely available for other torrent users.

Can we access 1337x anonymously?

The answer is Yes! There could be repercussions if you access and download movie torrents. Many law enforcement organisations and agencies are looking for legally sanctioned measures to put an end to the existence of torrent sites. This is in addition to their efforts to collect data about the operators and users of these websites. While free torrents are not illegal, understanding how to utilise 1337x proxy list anonymously can make torrenting more convenient and less time consuming.

A Virtual Private Network, or VPN, is an important part of keeping your online identity private. On the internet, a VPN service allows you to mask your IP (Internet Protocol) address. For the uninitiated, your IP address is your one-of-a-kind internet connection. It also establishes your online identity. As a result, utilising a VPN to mask your IP address can be critical, especially while using sites to do a 1337x unblock. You may browse and download information privately with your internet connection identity disguised. As a result, utilising a VPN to unblock 1337x can be a viable option.

1337x alternatives

Besides trying to doing a 1337x unblock, there are also several other 1337x alternatives one can visit. It all boils down to what you are really looking for, but they are useful when you cannot perform a 1337x unblocking or it is just inaccessible. 

1. The Pirate bay

Visit here for the PirateBay proxy: PirateBay Proxy List

The Pirate Bay is one of the most popular torrenting platforms after 1337x which was launched in 2003. Despite being banned several times, it has still managed to resurface. Thus, it is a very resilient platform and worth using when you cannot perform a 1337x unblock. They offer a large variety of torrents to download stuff such as anime, movies, games, softwares, etc.  

2. Limetorrents

Visit here for Limetorrents proxy: Limetorrents Proxy List

Limetorrents is another popular torrent search engine with a lot of features. Having said that, it does not contain a torrent library. Instead, Limetorrents is used by the torrent community as a directory for other torrent sites. Furthermore, the site only hosts torrents that have been confirmed by Limetorrents. As a result, visitors may be assured that their torrent downloads from the site are much less likely to include viruses. It is a great website if you are in a situation where you cannot unblock 1337x.

3. Vmovee

Visit here for Vmovee proxy: Vmovee proxy list

Vmovee will be the greatest choice for individuals who favour 1337x movies when it comes to torrents. The website, also known for good collection of movies, and has a large selection of movies to choose from. Keep in mind that its library is mostly focused on movies, so if you are seeking for other forms of material, you are better off shopping for something else. It is a great option if you do not want to unblock 1337x just for movies. 


Visit here for Rarbg proxy: Rarbg proxy list

RARBG, which was founded in 2008, contains a large library of torrents ranging from movies to games to software. The site’s user interface is very straightforward and simple to use. Furthermore, because the RARBG community is still active, its torrent library is always up to date with the latest movie and other media releases. It is also a great alternative to 1337x if you cannot perform a 1337x unblock.

Final Words

There is no doubting the advantages and benefits of torrenting. When it comes to accessing various programmes and media online, they bring up a whole new world of convenience. With 1337x being one of the top torrent sites available, it is apparent that the world of torrenting will only grow in the next years.

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