6 Steps for Transferring Files to Your Kindle Via Email

If you have a Kindle, then you have easy access to a huge library of reading content. In addition, you can carry around hundreds of books in your pocket with no hassle. All you have to do is purchase your favorite eBooks on our Kindle, and you’re all set! However, there are times when you can’t find what you want in the stores provided on your Kindle. Instead, you have to download files from other sources, using your home Spectrum internet packages. Anyhow, Spectrum is also suitable because in case of Spectrum internet outage, you may get a quick response from customer service team.

While many of these sources might not be directly compatible with your Kindle, you can transfer your files using your email address. You just need to delve into the settings and configure your Kindle email address. This will allow you to transfer all the files you want, and access them on the go. Here is a simple step-by-step guide you can follow to achieve this. 

Navigate to Your Kindle Personal Documents Settings Page

First, go to your Kindle personal documents settings page. You can easily find this with your Amazon account. Simply go to the settings, and you’ll see the personal documents settings. Here, you can see the approved sources of incoming documents on your Kindle. This includes email addresses, websites, and such sources. You can alter these settings so that you can send files via your personal email address. 

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Add Your Email Address to the Approved Email List

Once you see the approved list of sources on your personal documents settings page, add your preferred email address to this list. This is quite simple, as you just have to add your email address and confirm the addition. 

Make sure you choose a personal email address which you have easy access to. In addition, you should be sure only you have access to this email address. Otherwise, this can be an insecure window for potential hackers to enter. Therefore, pick an email address which you use regularly, and won’t leave unattended for long. 

Find Your Kindle’s Email Address

Your Kindle has its own email address. You might not be aware of this, but this is the address to which you can send files from the approved list of email addresses. Find this email address by clicking on ‘Accounts & List’ on the right of the menu bar of your Amazon account. Then, click ‘Content & Devices’. Go to the ‘Devices’ tab in this menu, and choose the Kindle device you’re using. 

Once you open your device’s description, you should see an email address. This address will end in @kindle.com. It will act as the destination for your files, so note it down and keep it somewhere you’ll remember.  

Download Your File

Now that you have your Kindle’s email address and have added your email address to its approved list of sources, you can move on to actually getting the files. Simply download the relevant files from whatever platform you want to, and save them on your computer. 

Make sure you go for platforms which are reliable and won’t infect your system with viruses or malware. Also keep your country’s piracy laws in mind, and go for legitimate sources which also reward the authors. Be a true supporter of literature, and only go for official sources. Once you download the file, then you can transfer it to your Kindle. 

Convert to the Relevant Format

If the downloaded file is in some other format, it’s best to convert it to the relevant PDF or EPUB format. You can easily do this with various online file converters. Alternatively, you can keep a file converter on your computer. These converters help you change your files to the relevant formats, and can even serve as ereaders.  

Simply convert your file to either PDF or EPUB, and save this new file in an accessible location on your computer. Make sure you don’t save it in some obscure file location you’ll have trouble finding later. 

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Send the Email to Your Kindle

Now that you have your file, you just have to send it from your email address to your Kindle’s email address. Then, you’ll see it in the new files on your Kindle and can access it easily. If it’s in the correct format, you’ll be all set to access this file and read your content. 

These email files will add a lot of diversity to your library, and are a great way to read more obscure literature as well. Even with Amazon’s vats library, you may still want other content, and getting this content through email is quite easy. 

These six simple steps will help you expand your Kindle library considerably, and read whatever you want, without any content limitations. Just make sure you enable the relevant permissions, and convert your files to the correct formats before emailing them. 

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