A Guide to Features & Benefits of SFTP 

When it comes to exchanging files between your organization and trading partner, the SFTP server is the most secure and fastest way. It provides a very secure passage by utilizing SSH File Transfer Protocol and Secure Copy protocols. An SFTP server from GoAnywhere can support your organization in data exchange in a secure manner. Another key feature of the SFTP server is its SSH 2.0 protocol support. As a result, a strong password and SSH key authentication are required to log into the server and share files. Moreover, the SOX, HIPAA, DSS, state privacy, PCI, DSS, HIPAA, HITECH, and SOX rules make secure File Transfer Protocol a must-have for your business. Following are some additional benefits and features of an SFTP server. 

Features of SFTP

SFTP allows a company to transfer huge volumes of data without worrying about its security. The following features help make it a secure and foolproof server; 

  1. Extremely scalable, with absolutely no restrictions whatsoever. 
  2. Remote monitoring of the server. 
  3. SFTP server provides Lightweight Active Directory, database, AD (Active Directory), and International Business Machine for safe connection.  
  4. SFTP also supports the event triggers feature. According to current events, this will automatically process files or send email notifications to customers. 
  5. With SFTP, the client can resume or pause file transfers anytime. 
  6. ZLIB is a special compression used by SFTP servers to reduce bandwidth requirements. 
  7. The SFTP server can also accept or refuse files with specific extensions automatically. 

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SFTP Logs 

To meet the auditing and compliance requirements, the logs produced in MFT for all SFTP and SCP sessions are unique. This information mostly holds IP addresses, user ids, and file names sent between the company and the trading partner. Moreover, special links, such as UDP or TCP connections, can also be used to send log messages to an SYSLOG server. 

SSH Key Management 

In the SFTP server from MFT, specific integrated, intuitive graphical interfaces are provided for the particular handling of secure shell keys. This Key Manager is used to import, export, and view SSH public and private keys. Critical lengths of up to 4096 bits are available for both RSA and DSA keys.

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High Availability Planning with SFTP 

When it comes to sharing essential files safely and securely, the SFTP gateway is the best option for consideration. Also, it helps in sharing files without compromising the inbound ports in a private network. It also helps keep the location and identities of the internal systems hidden from unknown sources giving an extra layer of security to the server. 

SFTP servers are in demand as they offer the kind of security no other platform has been able to provide. Modern-day businesses are heavy on digitization, but cyberattacks and data breaches are on the rise. SFTP is designed to tackle such scenarios and safeguard a company’s data from landing in criminal hands. No matter the size of your business, and SFTP server will provide that extra security for your peace of mind.

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