Attributes of Exceptional Customer Service

Ensuring quality customer service is beneficial to a business for multiple reasons. These include but are not limited to:

  • Giving the company a last chance to hear out and fix the problem of an angry customer before they jump ship to a competitor. 
  • Giving the customer an outlet to express themselves in ways other than unsubscribing to the service of the company.
  • Collecting feedback for bettering the services/products of the company.
  • Increasing customer satisfaction overall and, in turn, increasing referrals by customers to other potential consumers.

For all these reasons, customer service teams like Xfinity customer service invest heavily in improving their operations. In the case that you want to do the same for your business, we have outlined the following ways in which you can deliver better customer service. 


Okay, in the case that we are talking about serving others in any way, it is all the more essential to be able to put yourself in their shows and see things from their perspective. After all, how can you even think of properly serving someone if you do not even know what their needs and/or wants are?! This ability to see things from the point of view of someone else is called empathy. Thus, in the case that you own a business or manage a customer service team, it is important to not only hire agents that are very empathetic but it is also important to nurture an overall culture of empathy and compassion. Besides, making your customer service better, it will also make your employees more satisfied and willing to work in a team. All this will then boost productivity.

Communication Skills

Okay, not only is it important for the customer service agent to wrap his or her head around the problem the customer is facing, it is important for the agent to let the customer know that they are being listened to and that their issue has been understood and being worked upon. What the agents express should always be clear and concise about is that neither the customer gets frustrated nor the conversation goes in circles (a problem that often ends up wasting the customer care personnel’s time and leading to unnecessary expenditures.)

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Problem-Solving Characteristics

Understanding someone’s problem is done through practicing and nurturing empathy. However, once you have understood the problem, another set of skills is required to properly serve the customer. This set of skills is popularly known as problem-solving skills. The initial thing that customer care personnel must identify is what the issue was in the system that led to the problem the customer is facing. Once they have done that, they can then proceed to fix that issue themselves or refer it to someone else in the company that can better fix it. It is important to note that referring to the right department in the organization is hugely critical as a referral to the wrong department is bound to cause a lot of wastage of cash. Just imagine how detrimental it would be to the business if customer service agents were constantly referring calls to the wrong teams and wasting the time of those teams.


Not every customer can express themselves articulately or even gently. It is very important for the customer care personnel to help the customer express their issue and not get frustrated if the customer takes too much time in articulating what they are trying to say. Alongside if the customer is being rude, it is crucial to not answer the toughness with more toughness. Rather, the customer service agent should try as much as possible to remain kind and composed. But is important for the agent to draw some lines. For example, if the agent feels like being sworn at is something that cannot be tolerated, they can decide that every time the customer starts swearing, they are going to transfer the call to their supervisor. Indeed, creating these kinds of boundaries is necessary as the lack thereof can shake your composure in the short term and your overall mental health in the long run. Both of these things are bad not only for the agent but also for the business.

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This is it for now. All we can hope for is that your customer care operations improve and your business grows!

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