11 Best Dynamic PS4 Themes For You In 2023

Gaming consoles of this era do not offer a lot in terms of what you can customize and cannot. However, if there is one thing that can be customized it is the theme of the ps4. Hence, in this article, we shall be discussing the top ps4 themes for you. It is true that the best dynamic theme ps4 is only cosmetic, but it is a great way to set the aesthetic and ambience before you play a game. The best dynamic theme ps4 also helps gamers show off their personality to their friends. In this article, we are including an assortment of free and paid best dynamic theme ps4. Let us take a look at the best ps4 themes:

1. Firewatch game theme

Firewatch theme Ps4

Price: $3.49

The Firewatch best ps4 background is inspired by the same-named indie game, but you do not need to know anything about it to enjoy it. The sun rises and sets over a beautiful mountain range in this theme, which is done very beautifully. It is as though you are seeing a series of sunrises and sunsets. 

This best ps4 background is a wonderful choice if you want a serene, subtle theme that feels restful. It has peaceful music evocative of the Firewatch game, and the dim best ps4 themes is also perfect for late night game sessions, as the day or night ambience changes in real time.

2. Alien laser cat theme

Alien laser cat theme

Price: $2.99

Who can say no to lasers and also cats? While there are numerous variations of this best ps4 background in the market, it does a fantastic job with the laser cat meme. The theme’s sound effects are evocative of a laser pistol being shot, and your backdrop is filled with some lovely, energetic music. If you like cats and lasers, this best dynamic theme ps4 is a great option for you.

3. RIME dynamic theme

RIME dynamic theme

Price: Free

Another fantastic free theme among top ps4 themes is the RIME theme. This theme was originally only available as a presale bonus, but it has now been made available for free. This theme portrays the seashore from the opening sequence. This top ps4 themes has beautiful music in the background as well and pleasing visuals. 

4. Uncharted 4 theme

Uncharted 4 theme

Price: $1.99

Who wouldn’t want a beautiful shipwreck under the sea, best ps4 themes on their screen ? It does not matter if you play the Uncharted series or not. This theme depicts a stunningly stunning shipwreck under the sea with sunlight poking in. This theme is exciting because you can see fishes swimming around as well, making it one of the best dynamic ps4 themes.

5. Dark souls 3 theme

Dark souls 3 theme

Price: Free

This best dynamic ps4 themes can stir a lot of thoughts while making you  remain calm. While the constant motion of the primary figure in this dynamic theme may make some players feel weird, the effects are still very breath-taking. Because this is a parchment-type theme, you will not notice many bright colours, but the animation technique and drawing effects are pretty impressive.

6. Call of duty black ops zombie theme

Call of duty black ops zombie theme

Price: Free

We had to offer at least one static option in the selection, even though dynamic themes are undoubtedly more fascinating than static themes! Some users like static themes because they make their PS4 run faster and are less obtrusive. This best dynamic ps4 themes from Call of duty series makes people think apart from being   stunning, and it’s a beautiful, though gruesome, piece of art to have on screen.

7. 20th anniversary of the playstation theme

20th anniversary of the playstation theme

Price: Free

If you have been a PlayStation fan since the beginning, this theme is an excellent choice maybe just for the nostalgia. Apart from that, this best ps4 themes which celebrates the 20th anniversary of the ps4 is delightfully well-designed, with some retro menu music thrown in for good measure. It is also a dynamic theme, but one that is basic enough that it will not overwhelm older PS4 systems.

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8. Legacy theme

Legacy theme

Price: $2.99

This theme also honors all the previous PlayStation gaming systems. It has noises, visuals, and animations that are reminiscent of earlier console generations. This theme is also among the best ps4 themes as it invokes a sense of nostalgia among avid players.

9. Red Dead Redemption 2 Theme

Red Dead Redemption 2 Theme

Price: Free

This best ps4 dynamic themes is a subdued theme that has a huge love for the countryside. Bitter guitar strings replace the system’s regular music, and pictures of the key characters appear to the player when they boot the system. However, because one of them is particularly despised, you may become enraged if you stare at the theme for too long.

10. The last of us part 2 Ellie theme

The last of us part 2 Ellie theme

Price: $3

This top ps4 dynamic theme will help you get excited about the upcoming the last of us 2. Here, Ellie floats across the screen gently without  blocking your ability to choose any of the screen options. Added with this theme is some eerie music and a picture of Ellie with a gun in the forest.

11. Rocket league theme

Rocket league theme

Price: Free

Rocket League’s status as a modern classic is undeniable for now. So, fans of Psyonix’s automobile soccer game, may as well flaunt it with this sleek and best top ps4 themes that includes some very dramatic shots of the game.

Final Words

As you can see, this is the list of the most dynamic ps4 themes for you this year. Many of these are either free or paid. But regardless of that, these best dynamic theme ps4 had a great visual appeal before and after players are gaming. It creates a great aesthetic sense which talks about the gaming tastes of a player. 

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