Can You Buy Bitcoin At Walmart?

Many people think that there are only a few methods of buying and selling bitcoin, but on the internet or off the internet, there are many methods to purchase and sell bitcoins. Walmart is also the best method to purchase and sell bitcoins. Many Bitcoin ATMs are available worldwide to purchase and sell bitcoins through cash. Still, Walmart store also provides the service of sending and receiving bitcoin by charging some fees that may vary according to the transaction amount. Check to buy bitcoins from

Bitcoin wallet

Bitcoin wallets are necessary to send and receive bitcoin from one place to another. It does not mean that the bitcoin wallet exists physically; instead, you can only access the wallet on your smartphone or any other electronic gadget. A bitcoin wallet is like the physical purse we use in our daily life to carry paper notes or coins for day-to-day transactions but in a virtual form. It would be best if you needed a virtual wallet to take the digital coin; otherwise, you would not send or receive bitcoins.

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Find a Peer to Peer Exchange

Before proceeding further, you need to find the right seller with the right deal, and there is a lot of peer-to-peer exchanges on the internet. Peer to Peer exchange means finding the bitcoin seller or buyer near you who are willing to sell or purchase bitcoins. After seeing the seller or buyer, it depends upon you whether you will pay directly by meeting him or through a third party like Walmart. You can check the latest price of bitcoin when signing the deal and bargain with the seller so that you will get the right deal because some fees will go to Walmart for using their services.

Enter Your details on P2P Website

You both have to sign up on the peer-to-peer website by entering your email address and other details so you can complete the process of bitcoin buying and selling. After filling in the information to the P2P exchange website, the exchange will show the receipt of your details that will help you to proceed to the Walmart store.

Visit the Walmart Store

Find the Walmart store near you and visit the help desk of the Walmart store on the front side. Show them the receipt to the cashier to keep track of your transaction and make the receipt for you that you will send as proof to the seller so he can transfer you the money. You need your identity documents such as a driving license, passport copy, state Id, etc. Show them the peer-to-peer receipt so they can charge the amount according to the deal you made with the bitcoin seller.

Pay the Cashier

After confirming all the details about the purchasing, pay the cashier amount you want to send to the bitcoin seller. Walmart’s service is the same as Western Union’s, which means anyone can withdraw money to another location by showing the receipt. When you pay the amount to the cashier of Walmart, then he will give you a ticket with full details.

Send Details to BTC seller

You received the receipt from the cashier of Walmart, now, click a photo of the ticket and send it to the bitcoin seller so he can withdraw the money from another Walmart store. The process is very fast through the Walmart service because the receiver can withdraw money from Walmart within ten minutes.

Wait for bitcoin

After sending the receipt to the bitcoin seller, please wait for the bitcoin to be received because he will transfer the bitcoin from his bitcoin wallet to your wallet address. After sending the bitcoin, he will withdraw the money from the Walmart store. Therefore, you have to wait for the bitcoin to receive in your virtual wallet.

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Many people think that it is tough to purchase bitcoin with this method because there are a bunch of formalities, but it is a convenient way of purchasing digital currency. You can get a cheap deal through a peer-to-peer website because many sellers seek buyers to sell in an emergency because they need instant money or cash. Other purchasing and selling methods of bitcoin charge substantial transaction fees for just converting bitcoin into cash or domestic currency.

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