Destiny 2: Why This Game Became Free for Players

If you are a fan of Destiny 2, then you probably know that although this game is considered free, it can only be considered partially so. And in today’s article, we will try to tell you why the game became free and tell you what the players get from it.

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What the free version of Destiny 2 offers

It’s not for nothing that we called Destiny 2 shareware in the introduction, because the game includes several massive additions that reveal the plot much more. Moreover, the free version of Destiny 2 is generally called the demo version, so let’s figure out what it offers and what to expect from it. In the free version of Destiny 2, players are offered not just access to the game and acquaintance with a couple of missions. You are offered access to all seasonal events, various network modes, as well as event story companies.

This is quite a lot because it takes about 5-6 hours to complete the plot, and this is if you do everything right. If you study the world in parallel, then it will take much more time. So, if you perceive Destiny 2 as a toy for passing, then this time will be enough to immerse yourself in its history. 

If you have already played Destiny 2, then you probably know that the plot in it is not as strong as we would like, but the main part of it is hidden in the additions, so let’s leave it aside for now. 

In addition to the above scenarios, in the free version, you will be able to get access to patrols on all planets, access to Gambit, Crucible, Raids, Gambit Prime, Twilight Raids, Black Arsenal Forge, and Panopticon. This is a really large number of interesting game moments that are addictive. But as for the raids, only Leviathan will be available to you. The Leviathan raid is back not long ago. In principle, to get acquainted with the game, this is more than enough. 

Summing up, we can say that the free version of Destiny 2 is quite extensive. Moreover, it is competently built in such a way as to attract players. And if you liked the universe, then you can buy several add-ons that open up the plot, even more, twist it and offer additional content.

The reasons why Destiny 2 became free

We can only assume the real reasons because the parties to the conflict do not comment much on what happened. You can start this story with the breakup of Blizzard and Activision, which occurred in 2019. Activision Blizzard’s split with Destiny developer Bungie was an agreement. The discrepancy between the developer and the publisher turned out to be extremely quiet, and the subsequent trial was closed. From the general news, we can only learn information that this desire was mutual, and for both sides, it turned out to be unprofitable, for several reasons.

1. Conflict with Blizzard 

Blizzard has long been famous for its stinginess in terms of financing long-term projects. What is worthwhile is how they lost Dota, and then did not invest in HOTS tournaments, after which they buried it too. Destiny 2 has become something similar. To make it profitable, you had to invest in it, and Blizzard always tries to spend as little money as possible. But Bungie turned out to be far from a gift. Not many players guess what the new seasons meant. All seasons and updates are content that simply did not have time to roll out for release, and when it came, they began to use it on an official basis. Of course, Blizzard demanded from Bungie what they physically did not have time to do. As a result, the quality of the game suffered. An example of this is the “abode of shadows”, which became a failure of both sides.

2. The right marketing move

Again, it all comes down to the publisher’s rules. Before the breakup, Bungie had to obey Blizzard and its rules, and the latter, with its thirst for profit, very rarely have free games. And that’s where Bungie came up with a great idea – to make part of the game free. And it had results. The growth of players has increased significantly. 

In a matter of days, Destiny 2 topped the list of the best-selling games of the year on Steam. And we are not talking about the free version, but about the purchase of add-ons. The thing is that the game is addictive, and players buy an add-on to plunge even deeper into the universe. The overall online indicator has also grown. For example, there are a lot of players in the free version of the game, because not everyone will spend money on a game that they like or not, but try to play it for free. Why not, especially since the amount of content allows it? The influx was so large that even the servers could not withstand the load. Naturally, such a noisy project is attractive to investors, and this is an opportunity not only to download Destiny 2 but also to engage in other projects, showing their skills.

3. Earnings

The last thing we want to note is Bungie’s earnings. They get their money not from the sale of the game, but from the sale of in-game content. You can buy the same exotic guns in the store for real money if you don’t want to waste time on completing quests. And of course – the purchase of add-ons. As we said above, they reveal the theme of the game widely, and since it is addictive, a lot of fans buy add-ons. Moreover, they can’t wait for new additions. As a result, we can say the following.

Summing up, Bungie is a great example of a studio that, after parting with the publisher, not only continued to exist but which has become much more popular and in demand than it was before. And all thanks to one successful solution that made the game free.

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