Fun Math Games to Play With Your Kids in Creta Class

Many young children dread math right from the time they start studying it. This is why it is often a challenge for a modern-day educator to ensure that kids learn math and enjoy their time doing so. The latest math apps like Creta Class India offer their share of resources to make maths fun and exciting for children.

But in addition to tech-based learning, a prime element of making math fun is introducing games in the learning process. Children often find learning math more suitable if they do it through games and activities, especially when they are just starting their education journey.

Allowing kids to understand the fundamental and challenging math concepts through games will help them grasp the knowledge faster without developing a fear of the subject. 

Let’s dive into some of these math games and fun learning methods for kids in Creta Class.

Math Games in Creta Class

Creta Class is a comprehensive math learning app that helps develop nine key competencies in children, including imagination, creativity, and critical thinking, as well as sparking curiosity and interest in science and technology. Here we will talk about some of the ingenious designs offered by Creta Class that can support young minds in math learning. 

1. Real-Life Situations for Kids to Experience

Another effective math game for children at Creta Class math classes for kids is to use real-life situations to make kids feel engaged and learn math naturally. Every lesson delivers math knowledge in a storytelling way that the characters face a difficulty that will be solved by using math skills. Kids will subconsciously accept the concept of math knowledge and know how to use it in real life. By learning via storytelling, kids will no longer fear math or struggle to grasp the skills behind it but be more excited to learn the subject.

2. Interactive Math Quizzes for Kids

Kids might not want to think about math questions and answer them if you ask them directly. However, when turned into a little quiz game with a reward at the end, your children will feel happy to get involved in a math quiz. Hence, a fun and rewarding math quiz contest is a great game involving math offered at Creta Class. Kids can get Creta coins instantly after the quiz and win gifts by collecting a certain amount of coins.

3. Make Learning Math Fun with Visual Lessons

Besides fun math learning method designs, Creta Class also noticed that kids ages 3-8 are more likely to accept vivid visualization. Therefore, Creta Class offers animated lessons that are equally beneficial to engage children in math learning. When children play different math games regularly and follow them up with interesting animated courses, it becomes easier for them to relate to and understand specific math problems. 

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Why is Creta Class the Best App for Fun-Based Math Learning?

It is not a surprise that mastering math skills can be a daunting task for young children. However, the biggest problem is not math as a subject but the fear that most kids have in their minds. This is where the fun and interactive approach of Creta Class comes into play.

Creta Class helps children feel comfortable with math by allowing them to play math games and participate in learning activities. By eliminating the fears in their mind, the experts make it easier for children to study math, not just today but in the future too.

Once you choose Creta Class, your kids will be more curious, eager, and ready to explore math materials, games, or instructional tools. Creta Class is one of the many programs available today that helps kids discover joy while they learn math online. It is designed for children aged 3-8 years and helps them learn the mathematical building blocks of number recognition, shapes, addition, subtraction, and problem-solving through engaging animation and interactive approaches.


Creta Class understands the precise needs of young children in learning math. The team of professionals has developed an online learning curriculum to instill interest in learning mathematics and curiosity about logical thinking. Click here to visit Creta Class and learn more about their courses and math games online. 

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