Google “I’m Feeling Curious” Feature [Detailed Guide]

Google had recently introduced a very interesting feature called “I’m feeling curious”. The main purpose of this feature is to redirect users to interesting pages with a lot of facts. These pages with nice facts would help cure the boredom and keep readers entertained when they have nothing to do. 

This google i’m feeling curious easter egg has been a lot of fun for everyone using google. But since some time, many users have complained about the fact that i’m feeling curious not working. In fact, the i feel curious option has completely disappeared. This has left a lot of Google users disappointed. 

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How did the google i’m feeling curious feature work?

i feel curious

When you utilise this easter egg, I feel curious will display random fact as questions and post the answers below it as its response, along with a link to the page where Google obtained the information. If you like it, then you can even ask the I feel curious google feature to show you more enticing facts. Before the i’m feeling curious not working issue happened, it was the most popular feature from Google which everyone loved. It is not even that the i’m feeling curious not working just happened, it has been removed from the servers entirely. So google i’m feeling curious not being active is not a question anymore since Google itself has deleted it. Users would still use the easter egg feature if they could. 

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Why did google remove the I feel curious entertaining feature?

What’s more, huge fans of the google I’m feeling curious feature would be highly disappointed to know that Google has been very quiet about this. That is right, Google has not given even a single kind of information, notice or message that they removed it. They did it silently. No explanation has been given as to why the i’m feeling curious not working feature has been entirely removed to be non-existent from the servers.

One thing is for sure- That we and plenty of the other Google users and fans of Google I’m feeling curious feature are very hopeful. Everyone has been hoping for a revival of this popular feature which has entertained all of us for many years. This feature got users to read and discover a lot of things on the internet no one ever knew about and this way we all got to learn something new and gain some priceless knowledge.

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Has Google listened to us? (YES)

The Google users will be very happy to know that Google has taken note of the users delight and love for I feel curious entertaining feature. So, they have reversed the changes that caused everyone’s favourite app to vanish. Now, fans of the I feel curious feature from Google can use the app just like before and gain lots of knowledge.  

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