How to Edit and Modify PDFs for Your Company


Many individuals and companies find it challenging to modify PDFs, but that’s because they’re not using the right tools. Our tool gives you great features and many ways to modify your PDF. You can access our top-rated online tool FormatPDF.

We know that if you’re running a company, scenarios will arise where you need to make changes to PDF files, perhaps due to documentation or such. Or maybe you want to extract information from the PDF files, but it’s giving you trouble because such files were not created to be edited. Our light yet powerful tool will modify PDF files to your needs or preferences.

Today, we’ll show you how to modify PDF files in seconds; an effortless way to get high-quality results. You’ll learn about the steps you need to take and the modification options available to you. 

Why It Is Difficult To Edit And Modify PDF Files

PDF files are difficult to edit because they are not designed to be edited. But some tools enable users to modify PDF to some degree.

The only problem here is that most of them all suffer from a drawback in one way or another. So, let’s go deep into why it is not easy to edit and modify PDF files.

PDFs are flattened files: 

Since PDFs are flattened, they are compressed. Images, links, videos, and other items contained within a file are all present in PDFs. It is wholly compressed to ensure it can be transferred when you take the document away.

Several objects are in the file, making it difficult to modify PDF or separate the one thing you wish to change. Furthermore, attempting to change that one object can impact all the other objects and completely alter the page.

Because font styles can be transferred in PDFs: 

Other editing programs might not have the same ease of font style transfer as PDF files. The font storehouse system enables those sources to be transferred, making it harder to modify PDF files or for the document to be changed. 

The Programming of PDFs: 

PDFs make it challenging to modify the documents within them. I.e., the programming makes many objects within the documents difficult to edit.


It was designed to move papers containing various things without altering the document itself. Of course, some papers may not be readable by all devices or may not be programmed to be, but PDFs don’t have this restriction.

PDFs are difficult to modify due to encryption technologies:

This is done for security reasons. If a document can be changed easily, its security is compromised; anyone can thus alter the file. It is safer for businesses to submit contracts and other legal papers because the file is protected. In addition, it makes it harder for others to steal or simulate written content.

How to Edit and Modify PDFs

Not everyone wants to spend money to modify PDF or edit PDF files. In this section, you will see how our tool can make all the necessary modifications to every PDF file you have. 

Our efficient tool allows you to convert, edit, compress, and modify PDFs online for free! In addition, you can easily edit the content or add your signature online without paying a subscription fee.

Use this tool to split PDF files to separate pages and have different files instead of just one, reorder the pages in your PDF or rotate the pages with images. You can even protect PDFs with confidential information. With our tool, you can confidently modify PDFs in very little time, too. Below are the steps to edit or modify a PDF file.

  • Go to the online tool mentioned on the intro.
  • Choose the tool you want to use whether you wish. Whether you want to rotate, compress, split, convert WORD to PDF, etc., is up to you.
  • Upload the PDF you wish to edit. The file can also be dropped into the “Or drag and drop the PDF here” box using your mouse.
  • Next, make the changes you wish to make to your PDF file.
  • Download the modified PDF.

What You Should Know About How to Edit and Modify PDFs for Your Company

You can use several online tools to modify PDF files. However, here are some essential aspects you need to understand before using your favourite tool to edit and modify PDFs.

  • You can use our tools on the page to understand how to edit and modify PDF files. You must choose a tool and upload a PDF file to get your desired result. It is important to select the specific tool so your results are not tampered with. 
  • If you want to rotate the pages in the PDF file, you can use the Rotate PDF tool to easily and quickly rotate different pages and save the result. Select the Rotate PDF tool and upload the PDF file you wish to edit. The same applies to every other tool on our website.
  • The extra features in the editor allow you to upload your PDF file and split it separately. Plus, you can convert your PDF files into different formats quickly without moving to another tool, so you have no difficulty when trying to edit and modify PDF files.
  • You can compress the edited PDF to reduce the space it occupies on your drive. 

What Programs Allow You to learn How to Edit and Modify PDFs for Your Company

The most acceptable file format for both corporate and academic use is PDF. Therefore, we require PDF editors with a wealth of advanced functionality to create good PDF documents. Here are some of the top paid Apps to edit and modify PDF files:

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How to Edit and Modify PDFs from a Computer

Many online computer editors have been created to allow users to modify PDFs. For example, suppose you are using Windows, Mac, or Linux. In that case, these editors will give you more control over the process, from uploading the PDF to editing what part will be changed.

Windows 10 and earlier versions of Windows

If you are using Windows 10 or older, an excellent tool to use is Nitro Pro. Nitro Pro is a smart paid tool. It allows you to change a PDF’s metadata and has features comparable to those of Adobe Acrobat. The interface is almost the same as Microsoft Word, but the editing features are designed for PDF.

You change the layout, edit textbooks, subscribe PDF, move text and images, combine PDF, crop images, resolve the PDF, and numerous other edits. It is available for nearly half the price of Adobe Acrobat DC, and the free trial lasts 14 days. 


If you are using Mac, Adobe works! Nobody can provide a better editor than Adobe, which invented the PDF format. To create, edit, and sign PDFs, Adobe provides Adobe Acrobat DC. It is a paid tool with a 30-day free trial to check how it works. It might not give editing freedom like Microsoft Word, but it is still close and presently the best you can get.

Any text in a document can be changed, and you can crop, resize, or annotate photographs for an illustration. Paragraph alignment will also be done automatically as part of the text modifications. Additionally, you can create bullet lists and modify the formatting.


Linux does not have an in-built PDF editor, so you need a third-party app. One of the few PDF editors on Linux that is available in both a professional and commercial edition is Master PDF Editor. 

One of the most well-known Linux PDF master editors is GIMP. It can also edit PDF files with images. GIMP only allows you to modify one page at a time, and once you are done, you will need to save the PDF in GIMP.

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How to Save a Webpage as Jpeg on Mobile or Tablet

Mobile and tablet devices allow you to modify PDFs while preserving essential data. However, you may also have to install an external application to make modifications quickly.


GoodReader is an easy-to-use PDF reader app that allows users to read, produce, and edit PDF files. This app is perfect as a PDF reader, particularly for large documents like handbooks and software primers. 

GoodReader is a versatile all-in-one editor made rigorously for use with PDF files. It is ideal for everyone who deals with many PDFs daily and needs decent editing capabilities and tools. You’ll be able to manage all your PDFs, convert them to any other format, and more. 

iPhone (iOS) or iPad

For iPhones, you can use Infix PDF editor. Its features resemble Adobe Acrobat DC. The interface is simple, and you can interact with PDF content and cancel, edit, add hand and modify content as you please. It also offers advanced features like OCR (optic character recognition) technology to edit scrutinized lines, checkup to check typos, etc. 

Using the correct tools, you can easily modify PDF files. So, you’ll have no trouble editing the text, adding images in PDFs, filling out forms, and converting scans into searchable PDF documents. And the best tool at your disposal is our tool!

So, there you go! You have all of these options to edit or modify PDF files. Just, choose the best option for you, and enjoy it!

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