Nware 17in Laptop {Features Specifications & Reviews}

Our lives would not be the same without our laptops. With them, we can do research, access the world-literature database and read books, or send and receive emails. They also allow us to create a constant source of entertainment for ourselves. In this  article  we will discuss nware 17in laptop, The features, and the benefits of specific models.

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The Nware 17in Laptop: Overview

The first thing you should know about nware 17in a laptop is that it is a laptop that comes with a 17″ LED display. The screen resolution of the familiar 17in a laptop is 1440 x 900 and delivers an incredible computing experience. The laptop comes with a 120 GB hard drive and can add one more hard drive of upto 500 GB by integrating the second one into the original hard drive. 

The nware 17in laptop also offers the ability to use an optical digital input, which allows you to connect your digital camera, camcorder, etc., with the computer.


The nware 17in laptop comes with a 17 inches screen, making it possible to do spreadsheet work, play games on the computer, and read books. The display produces an actual color at all times and ensures that your viewing experience is enjoyable. 

The viewing of movies can be done on the screen, but bear in mind that the display does not offer a full High Definition resolution. The nware 17in the laptop has a CPU speed of 1.8 GHz and 2 GB RAM, which means you can multitask without any issues.


The laptop can be used for playing games and watching movies. The resolution is good enough to give you a clear view of the games, but it might need to be updated for people who want to watch HD movies. For such purposes, bigger screen sizes like 21″ are recommended. The screen also allows you to do four-way multitasking with ease. 

The nware 17in laptop comes with an i3 processor, which means that the computer will be able to do pretty much anything you need. The SSD of the laptop allows you to boot up and run the operating system within a few seconds. The nware 17in laptop also offers a back-lit keyboard, which quickly does typing. You can also use this if you like typing at night or in dim-light conditions.

Customer Reviews

Many customers who have bought the nware 17in laptop have found that it is a good enough computer for them and their purposes. The display allows them to play games and watch movies and provides them with an easy time multitasking. Of course, the the laptop is not meant for people who need larger resolution displays like 21″ or 2 1″.

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The laptop comes with all the features you want in a computer. Even though the laptop is not as big as 21″ laptops, it is still an extremely lightweight and portable device that can be carried around easily.

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