What is Officeclicktorun.exe?

Officeclicktorun.exe is an executable file. It is a streaming technology which helps you use multiple versions of office in the same computer system. This technology helps you to download and use Office in your computer even before the whole package is installed.  

Till now, Windows Installer Based System has been used to assist in installation and updating of Office. This is now getting replaced by Officeclicktorun.exe.  

So, if the question in our mind comes that what is Officeclicktorun.exe? We can simply say that it is an installer. 

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What is the purpose of Officeclicktorun.exe? 

While installing Office in your computer, if you don’t want to wait for its complete installation and run it immediately, Officeclicktorun.exe will execute that for you. 

As you are using the product, the whole package is being installed in the background. 

If you want to use a feature that is still not installed on your computer, Officeclicktorun.exe will download and install it right away making it ready to use. This is your answer to what is officeclicktorun.exe.

Where to find Officeclicktorun.exe in your PC? 

Officeclicktorun exe is a component of Microsoft Office, developed by Microsoft only.’ It helps in coordinating several functions in the Office. The size of the file is only 1.85 MB. 

  1. It can be located in your PC in C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\ officeclicktorun.exe  
  2. There is a possibility of finding the same file name in your PC which can be malicious or a malware. 
  3. To make sure of this, check the location of the file. If it is found somewhere else, most probably it is a virus. 

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Is Removing Officeclicktorun.exe safe? 

Officeclicktorun.exe aids you in installing Microsoft office, so if you try to remove it, you might face hindrances during the installation process. 

Removing this file will affect the functionality of the associated files which in turn can lower your computers performance. 

However, you can disable Officeclicktorun.exe safe easily by following the steps: 

  • Click Start and then go to Control Panel. 
  • Type “service.msc” in the search box in Start Menu without them quotations. 
  • Administrative tools and Services tab will open. 
  • In the Services window, find Microsoft Office clicktorun services and then right click on it. 
  • Select Properties from the window and go to General. 
  • Find Start up type, pull down the menu, and then click on Disable. 
  • Click on okay and then restart your computer. 

How to remove Officeclicktorun.exe? 

Removing Officeclicktorun exe is not recommended if you are using MS Office. Otherwise, you can get rid of it by following the given steps: 

  • Go to Control Panel on windows and click on it. 
  • Under Programs and Features option, you will find “Uninstall a Program”.
  • Find Microsoft Office, click on uninstall. If asked, press “yes”

Removing the file will prevent all of office programs from launching. 

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Is Officeclicktorun exe a virus? 

All those wondering what is officeclicktorun.exe and ask if Officeclicktorun exe is a virus, the answer will always be no. It is an authentic executable file generated by Microsoft. It poses no threat to your computer. However, if you find it at some other location than it is supposed to be, it is better you remove it. Otherwise, it is completely safe to use. 

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