PCNOK: Mission, Members & Details

This is an acronym for Patient Care Network of Oklahoma, a nonprofit organization. The mission of Pcnok is to improve the lives of patients with chronic, life-altering illnesses by providing them with medical supplies. The members are nurses across the state of Oklahoma who volunteer their time to help meet the need for medical supplies in Oklahoma.

An additional service is recruiting volunteer nurses to donate their time and lend a helping hand at health fairs, local events, and other community outreach programs.

What Is The Patient Care Network Of Oklahoma?

PCNOK is a nonprofit organization that collects donations of medical and hospital supplies from individuals and companies, then distributes them to Oklahomans in need.

Most individuals who donate to the Patient Care Network Of Oklahoma are in the medical and healthcare professions. They include doctors, nurses, home health aides, emergency medical technicians, pharmacists, and others. Companies also donate supplies.

How Does It Work?

Supplies are collected, sorted, and distributed monthly. Pcnok’s volunteers are given a list of the medical supplies needed by patients across the countries. They purchase these supplies and donate them to be distributed to an Oklahoma patient in need that month.

There are three donation categories: medication, medical equipment, and special-needs items.

What Are The Types Of Medical Supplies That Are Donated?

The supplies that are given to Oklahoma patients include: Gauze pads, bandages, gauze, other bandaging supplies, pain relievers, and ointments. Antibiotics, IVs, and nutrition products are also donated to patients. Surgical sutures, surgical gloves, and syringes are among those presented to patients as well.

Benefits Of PCNOK

  • Pcnok supplies thousands of Oklahomans with medical supplies each year.
  • It helps those living on a limited income to remain independent and self-sufficient without asking the government or private organizations for assistance.
  • It is a valuable resource that can be used in emergencies.
  • It helps prevent a person from leaving their home and being admitted to a hospital or other health facility.
  • Supplies keep patients out of nursing homes, which saves the state and federal government money.
  • It provides patients with dignity, self-respect, and independence.

PCNOK does not provide medical equipment such as walkers, wheelchairs, oxygen tanks, and other items that require repair or refurbishing. 

PCNOK Impact

With the aging population in the United States, and in Oklahoma especially, there will be an increase in patients with chronic illnesses and disabilities. Without the aid of Pcnok’s volunteers and donations, these individuals would be less likely to receive the medical supplies needed to remain independent at home. Health service agencies and hospitals would be burdened by additional costs, which would fall back on taxpayers.

The Purpose & Values

This organization was founded in 2014. It was created to unite healthcare professionals and the community in caring for ill patients. Pcnok’s mission is to provide medical supplies to patients. However, it also provides medical supplies to state agencies and individuals. This organization is committed to educating and training its members, volunteers, and donors to create better healthcare outcomes for patients.

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The Patient Care Network of Oklahoma is a unique service that provides essential care to needy patients. Most of its supplies come from donations from nurses, doctors, and other medical and healthcare professionals. 

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