Protect Your PDF Files With Password Using PDFBear

The protection tool of PDFBear will encrypt a password to a portable document format file using the company’s most cutting-edge technology. Users can upload data in a variety of formats, including Excel, Word, PowerPoint, JPG, and others. PDFBear can use passwords to protect files, whether they are original or converted. It is available to all users and can be accessed through a variety of devices.

PDFBear also includes a wide range of functions that everyone can use. It is simple to protect PDF files with this tool, and users do not have to be concerned about others having access to their sensitive documents. Apart from those advantages, PDFBear is a completely free program to use. Their PDF Bear service is the quickest and most effective approach to keep documents private and confidential.

Choose PDFBear

The password protect PDF tool of PDFBear is capable of encrypting PDF files in less than a minute. Many people are unaware that PDFBear can password-protect their files and documents, even though it is a superb conversion tool. PDFBear will protect the information’s privacy. PDFBear saves users both money and time because it is completely free. When it comes to PDF file security, the password’s scope is set to prevent unauthorized parties from accessing their information. Customers should preserve at least nine typed characters, which should comprise uppercase and capital letters, alphanumeric numerals, and a combination of signs.

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Process of Protecting PDF

Selecting Files to be Protected

The first step is to select a file that the user wants to keep safe. PDFBear can protect documents in several different formats, including PDF, Excel, Word, PPT, and others. When it comes to document uploading, users have two alternatives. The first option is to select the files and browse the drive. The other option is to use their drag-and-drop feature, which is accessible.

Typing in a Password

There are two boxes called “Select Files” on the PDFBear screen. Everyone can utilize these boxes to input the passcode that they want to employ to protect their important papers. People can ponder about their password for as long as they like, but to ensure complete and reliable protection, they must employ a combination of alphanumeric input, capital letters, and symbols.

PDFBear is a data security system that protects data in Excel, Word, PDF, PowerPoint, and other formats. Creating a password is risk-free. The first option is to “Type a password,” while the latter is to “Repeat Password.” Retyping your password is necessary to ensure that users enter the correct and valid password. They can also keep a hidden note of their password in case they forget it.

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Click “Protect PDF”

When establishing the file’s passwords, PDFBear uses a 256-bit encryption scheme, which means that after the user has set up a password, it will be impossible to crack or access. Users must click “Protect PDF” after finishing the second step, and their PDF file will be safeguarded and secured from anyone who wants to use it for their gain.

Downloading the Encrypted File

Even though PDFBear is known for its lightning-fast processing, the protection process will be completed quickly. When the PDF protection process is complete, all that is left to do is click the “download button” that displays when the file is ready to save or transmit. When the download button is pressed, the file is immediately saved to the user’s devices or gadgets.

Other Features of PDFBear

256-Bit Encryption

Anyone who uses the method won’t have to worry about their files’ security or privacy. When entering the password, the PDFBear system uses 256-Bit encryption standards to protect the customer’s PDF files. It will be nearly impossible to circumvent the password once it has been set. It provides a substantial edge over other online options for managing PDF files for the user.

Cloud Storage and Password

PDFBear is the best platform for safeguarding PDF files that users are unable to open with Adobe Acrobat Reader. The procedure is simple: simply upload the file, enter a password, and leave the rest to PDF Bear. Users will then be able to download the password-protected file.

Online-Based and Easy to Use

PDF Bear’s safeguard PDF solution is web-based and easy to use. It’s the safest approach to use, and it’s supported by every operating system. If the user is using a Linux, Mac, or Windows computer, this program is simple to use and can be used using any online browser, including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Safari, and Internet Explorer. To begin securing the PDFs, they will only require a stable internet connection.

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SSL Encrypted

PFBear is SSL secured, in addition to being easy to use. Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is an available connection that secures internet browsers that are being used to connect two programs. PDFBear ensures that every conversion is secured, not simply the password to a PDF file. SSL encryption also protects PDF files on the internet from viruses, hackers, malware, and other malicious purposes. PDFBear’s ability to password-protect files is a crucial feature that not many online-based conversion utilities offer. In addition, PDFBear has a security policy.

The 60-minute rule is the name of this policy. After 60 minutes, all files conducted and transformed on their website will be permanently extracted to this location. This is an excellent feature for those who are hesitant to post their sensitive and confidential files and data on the internet. Users can always be at peace with PDFBear, knowing that their privacy and security, as well as their top priorities and high standards, are protected. Everything is assured to be safeguarded since they care and respect their users’ security, which is difficult to avoid while dealing with important and confidential PDF files.

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PDFBear allows users to encrypt PDF files with a password to protect them. Encrypting or adding a passcode to a document using PDFBear is a straightforward four-step process. PDFBear promises 100 percent protected docs without leaving a trace or affecting the quality of submitted files on their system if the customer is looking for a hassle-free and quick way to protect their data. PDFBear is free to use, in addition to being dependable and secure. This program can split, merge, convert, compress, and even repair PDF documents. It’s easy to utilize, and more people are doing so these days. The interface is straightforward to use, and the guidelines for its functions are simple to understand.

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