Server Unreachable Meaning {Detailed Guide}

Ever wondered, what does server unreachable mean? The majority of us have had server unreachable issues on our mobile devices recently.  You know the feeling of being on the phone with someone when suddenly you get a message saying “Server Unreachable.” Nonetheless, this problem is not insoluble. In this blog, we will explain the server unreachable meaning along with the methods to fix it. 

What does Server Unreachable mean?

If thinking of server unreachable meaning, remember, when your internet service provider’s signals are weak or not reaching adequately, you’ll get a “server unreachable” error message. Server unreachable means the server is unable to transmit and receive the necessary signals. Multiple factors may have contributed to this error, which we’ll get into below.

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Reasons for facing “Server Unreachable” issues

After knowing what server unreachable means, you must have an idea about the reasons for such issues. A “Server Unreachable” error message might appear for a number of different reasons. An inactive Google Voice forwarding phone number is the most prevalent cause of this problem.

Problems with weak signals 

If you’re having connection issues, you’ll get the Server Unreachable error every time you attempt to connect to the WhatsApp server from your smartphone.

Having a strong enough wifi connection for WhatsApp voice talking and messaging is a good starting step in fixing this problem.

Bad WiFi Connection

Server unreachable means facing difficulties with the signal strength of your wireless network might cause you to get this message when utilizing Wifi.

A Bogus “SIM Missing” Warning

This issue also contributes to the widespread occurrence of getting the wrong response after making phone calls or sending WhatsApp messages. The SIM card in your handset has likely been disabled, therefore if you get the error message “SIM Missing,” contact your SIM provider for help.

Data Packet Limits

If wondering what does server unreachable mean, please keep in mind that limiting your phone’s WhatsApp usage to just while connected to a Wi-Fi network might make it difficult to make or receive phone calls or messages. If your data connection fails because of a problem with your device’s settings, this error message will be shown.

Challenges with the Device

There’s also a chance that this issue isn’t related to anything beyond your control and is instead a result of a problem with your phone or one of its parts (such as the SIM card).

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What can I do about the unreachable server? 

These days, many individuals are concerned about server unreachable meaning. Please use these methods to solve the issue: 

1. Check other available devices 

Checking different devices is the best approach to determine whether the issue is exclusive to your phone. First, make sure the devices of your coworkers are functioning normally; if they are, you may proceed with the troubleshooting procedures provided below: 

  • Turn off your phone and wait for 1-2 minutes before turning it on
  • In case a software update is available, install it.
  • Ensure that you’re connected to a stable internet connection and try to switch to another internet connection. 
  • If the problem persists after these steps, contact the relevant service providers.

2. Reboot your iPhone or Android device

In some cases, the solution is as easy as rebooting the gadget in question. This solution has been shown to be effective since it eliminates the issue in most cases. This patch is applicable to both Android and iOS devices.

If none of them work, you might try resetting your device’s network settings. It’s possible that any of your router or internet settings have been damaged by third-party software, and that restoring them to their previous form would cure any signal-related problems you’re having. Keep in mind that this will also undo any modifications you made to your cellular data settings, so you’ll need to reconfigure them again afterward.

Please contact your wireless service provider for help if resetting your network settings does not resolve the issue as they have a proper idea about what “server unreachable means”. 


We hope this blog helped you to gain insight into what does server unreachable mean and methods to fix it. 

If you run into this problem in the future, you can easily resolve it by using the solutions we just discussed.

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