Snapchat Filters Won’t Work: Easy Fixes {100% Working!!}

Since they were first introduced, Snapchat filters have been a go-to tool to make pictures look fabulous. But unfortunately, people are noticing some snapchat filters won’t work issue. How much effect do the filters have on the original picture and not just other images? If your snapchat filters are not working and you have some doubt about why doesn’t my snapchat have filters, you must read this article. 

It will show you what causes such issues and how to solve them. Also, some people have the same issue, so they can quickly get rid of their problems.

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How are snapchat filters created?

To create a filter, Snapchat records a video with the object at a certain angle and then applies different filters on top of it. But sometimes, your snapchat filters won’t work; you need to figure out the reason behind the problem.

  • For creating filters, Snapchat uses a video called a template. It’s made of many clips containing the object at different angles; then, they are spliced together to create the final filter.
  • This process is repeated multiple times, resulting in even more filters.

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What causes such issues?

Several factors can cause this snapchat filters won’t work issue and will be discussed below. 

  • Poor network connection. This issue can occur on a weak signal. Your phone will try to apply filters to the images, but it will fail due to the poor signal. Hence it won’t work.
  • The video containing the object might have been deleted. Nowadays, people delete pictures quickly without providing any reason, so they delete their videos, too; this way, you will be unable to use the filters of such videos.
  • Other applications are using the exact video you want to use. Sometimes, other applications or games can use the same video file, which can cause a problem.

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What is the solution?

Enable Your Location: To enable your location, you need to click on the hamburger icon at the top right corner.

Enable Extra Permissions: You will be asked to allow your app to use Snapchat and other apps you want to use it with.

Check-in: Look into your settings; on the main menu, go to “Accounts and privacy” and look at it in your previous or current location options.

Update Snapchat: Updates are necessary for adequately working any app, so this is the same with Snapchat.

Restart Your Phone: If nothing works, restarting your phone will be the best solution to fix the snapchat filters not working issue. 

Use Snapchat In A Well-Lit Place: If you use Snapchat in a well-lit place, this will help to get visible filters on all the images.

If you still have concerns about why doesn’t my snapchat have filters or snapchat filters are not working, then make sure that you follow the steps mentioned above. You can also contact Snapchat support to help you with any other issues.

In conclusion, snapchat filters are not working on your phone because there are many reasons for it. Some of them have been discussed in this article, and we hope it will help you fix your issue. 

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