Top 15 *Torrent sites* (That Really Work) With Live Url & Proxy

For today’s generation, movies, series, and songs are the new hip addictions to live by. When once addicted to these harmless interests, we try to find new ways to get our hands on its recent release and the most frequent means to do so? The top torrent sites.

 Although the BitTorrent site is used for a wide variety of reasons, it is stereotyped as an illegal interface used for the download of pirated content. Stereotypes have almost always have proven to be wrong. Even though all forms of large files can be legally downloaded from torrent, it has become a platform of misuse and misconduct, which is why many countries have either put up bans or exercise some sort of control over the torrent sites available. 

Torrent sites have been through the same over the years. But there are still a number of torrent sites that are still available and working without hassle that can provide you with legal torrent movies, series, sports, music videos, and tv serials. The only setback is of course is to find these sites in the first place especially when they are in a pool of other fake, unactive sites. To make it easier here we have a list of the best torrent sites to help you find torrent movie download sites.

1YTSWorking ✅
2TorrentgalaxyWorking ✅
3EZTV Working ✅
41337xWorking ✅
5RarbgWorking ✅
6Pirate BayWorking ✅
7LimetorrentWorking ✅
8Magnet DLWorking ✅
9Nyaa Working ✅
10kissasstorrentWorking ✅
11Zoogle Working ✅
12Torrent DownloadsWorking ✅
13Torrentz2Working ✅
14TorlockWorking ✅
15ETTVWorking ✅

1. YTS


Like many torrent movie download sites, YIFY Torrents or YTS is a peer-to-peer torrent site. It distributes a large number of films in free BitTorrent downloads. It is a great site for those who are looking for torrent movies link. YIFY offers consistently high-quality video in a small file size which has become the main reason for its fame. Every search in this torrent site offers multiple filters so that you can easily find any torrent movie link you are looking for. What makes it different from its competitors is its content description and feedback option to the torrent operators.

2. Torrentgalaxy

Website: Torrentgalaxy Proxy

 Torrentgalaxy is one of the best torrent sites, it tends to become the new favorite of users faster than another torrent. the interface is far attractive and with absolutely no ads windows. What’s more, is that it provides you with great visuals and has your options segregated in an organized section making it easier for you to choose. This site allows your downloading to be more trustworthy by giving you a preview, showing the newest options and ratings.

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3. EZTV 


Even though EZTV is a torrent movie download site, Unlike other torrent sites that focus on movies and web series equally; EZTV, as the name suggests focuses its attention towards the tv shows or web series. When wanting to download anything from the television – reality shows to any hit shows with an ad-free interface. It gives clean and different resolutions for the video you wish to watch.


4. 1337x


This is also one of the best torrent sites for those who are looking for a good torrent movies link. 1337x gives you many downloading options to choose from. It gives free access services to movies, video games, software, music, and web series. Here we can download movies, software and download different file types. There are many other similar search engines in this outrunning world. But it can find any applications for any purpose compared to the 13377x search engine. Another addition to this torrent movie link is that users can give feedback and suggestions. They also have increased security features to help ease the interface for the users.

5. Rarbg


Rarbg holds being in the top ten of torrent movie links due to its user-friendly interface. Compared to its competitors this torrent has one of the most practical and organized user interfaces for easier access to all its content. What’s more is its availability to preview links to your favorite games, web series, anime, movies, and more; you can take a look before committing to a download. Its BitTorrent protocol gives you a free pass to its many files and magnet links with the peer-2-peer transfer. Before downloading, Rarbg informs you of many facts related to any torrent movies you might be downloading such as plot, star casting, genre, year of release, and the IMDB rating. It is one of the best torrent movie download sites.

6. Pirate Bay


When it comes to torrent movie link, pirate bay is almost always the first site we hear of. And rightfully so; its wide range of variety provided by its smooth search engine gives you a wholesome experience. The site gained a massive power over the BitTorrent community after its release in 2003. Pirate bay holds the maximum amount of torrent content available on the internet; from tv shows, movies, web series to games and software. In its own period, the pirate bay was called the king of torrent. With every visit the site provides you with a strong search engine that will help you find multiple links to the content you are looking for and that it does with efficiency, to make the navigation even smoother the site has trusted user badges or VIPs attached to the links to segregate between the actual content and scam links.

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7. Limetorrent


Usually, Hollywood movies are downloaded online free of charge from the Limetorrents’ online website. The site does have a wide range of content, however. Thousands of video games, movies, television shows, books, anime, and software are available. Limetorrents is actually one of the best torrent movie download sites link. Limetorrent offers more than 10 million downloading links for any content you wish for. This site has the knack for keeping up with the trends of the most recent and popular torrent files. If you are looking for a good torrent movies link, you can go for this.

8. Magnet DL

Website: MagnetDL Proxy

This site has come into the field recently and has made quite an impact in the BitTorrent community. Its main aim seems to be simplicity and efficiency, the site has developed a monochrome webpage along with the latest torrent uploads and magnetic links. This site attracts intense traffic due to the wide range of content available like games, torrent movies, and more. One of its better features is its reputation which excellent as it has good child safety with confidence and privacy. It is one of the best torrent movie download sites.

9. Nyaa 


Nyaa is a torrent movie download site and in East Asia. It has the main specialty in anime and takes pride in being the largest anime in that genre with anime in multiple languages some being Japanese and English, however, Nyaa also embraces other genres too. This site grows faster than other options by 15%. This site also contains explicit content to make your experience pleasurable, it has the best collection of adult anime for the purpose.

10. kickasstorrent


the kissasstorrent provides a safe haven for all the downloading cravings you have. It gives you in-depth information on the uploader of every torrent that gets loaded on the site. What makes it comes under the list of best torrent sites is the fact that 

you can start downloading with trust and full faith in its system. After its disablement, kickasstorent resurfaced due to its user liking. 

11. Zoogle 


 Zoogle gives the opportunity to download any type of content, games, software, videos, TV shows, and music from the most popular torrent sites. People use Zooqle mainly, in films and TV shows in particular. It has an easy-to-use interface, but for further easy use of the site, it is recommended to use VPN so that the repeated pop-ups don’t become an annoyance.

12. Torrent Downloads


A popular multi-niche website with plenty of seeds. At  Torrent Downloads Here you’ll find files and torrent magnets linking to hundreds of thousands of categorized files of any genre you are looking for. One of the better things about the site is that it doesn’t have many ad pop-ups and there are no new tabs that open due to a click on the original page. 

13. Torrentz2


Do you want to find the best torrent movie link? Then torrentz2 is the site for you. Its first job is to verify the uploaded torrents and then to present it in front of the user after filtering out the best and authentic ones, it finds the right content for you which might be difficult in other torrent sites. It has moreover 20 million users at the time and growing by the hour.

14. Torlock

Website: Torlock proxy

Torlock is one of the current striving torrent sites at the moment. Like other loved sites, this tool offers you with more than 4.8 million download links for your web series, torrent movies, games, software, and more. It is a torrent movie download site, but torlock specializes in anime, comics, and your favorite novels. Although this site has many ad pop up, some might be a little explicit but these can be easily ignored if you are using adblocking software.

15. ETTV


ETTV  keeps its torrent uploads in check and showcases photos or screenshots for almost all files of entertainment or other categories. The site has a wide range of torrent-search categories and subcategories. This is particularly evident when you browse video content. The video or film you need can be easily found in the format and quality required. 

ETTV can be your new best torrent site. It holds its video content in high regard thus you will find torrent  movies, tv shows, education videos are more the site’s zone. Overall, it is a great site for those who are looking for a good torrent movies link. 


Torrent sites tend to be banned or portrayed as shut down depending on the laws of some countries but you can still access any site with the help of proxy servers or mirror sites. If still, you face issues, the best approach is to use VPN- a virtual private network, even though VPN is easily traceable when looked into, you will still be able to open the site you aim to.  With this list of best torrent movie download sites go ahead and enjoy your favorite shows, games, movies, software, and more offline by simply downloading.

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