What Characteristics Distinguish A Good NFT?

Interchangeable assets are practically from each other. Any Bitcoin (BTC) is practically the same as another in circulation. It’s the same with rubles, dollars, euros or ether (ETH). Moreover, they are divisible, that is, they can be divided into smaller units with the same properties. These are the key characteristics required for any asset to be viable as a means of payment.

By contrast, non tokens are indivisible and unique. Ethereum is the most popular blockchain for their creation as they are usually built using the ERC-721 token standard. It describes the minimum set of features that each NFT should have, but does not limit their potential additional attributes. And although non-fungible tokens, like ETH and DAI, are built on smart contracts, they contain specific information that distinguishes each one from the other.

Such a token contains a code that confirms that it is the only asset with its specific digital identity. This critical characteristic is useful for creating unique digital goods and can be used to represent rare physical assets whose origins (historical record of ownership) can be tracked and cryptographically verified using the underlying blockchain protocol.

How to effectively promote an NFT product

Let’s say you opened an Ethereum wallet and registered your nft marketplace. What’s next? How to effectively promote and sell tokens quickly? Here are some tips:

Create a community about NFT

Commuies and social media channels are effective for boosting a product, attracting a target audience and communicating with potential leads, building expertise and a personal brand.  In general, for those who launch their token, this is a must-have.

In the thematic Facebook channel group, you can talk about the pros and cons of NFT, disassemble sensational or, conversely, not very well-known, but successful cases of creating and selling NFT, highlight the benefits, etc. So you will attract an interested audience, create a platform for discussion (and a springboard for getting to know you), pump your expertise, and read relevant information yourself.

Best NFT Community Building Platform:

  • BitCoinTalk;
  • Facebook;
  • Telegram;
  • Discord;
  • And a few more.

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Collaborate with influencers

Don’t neglect influencer marketing. Try to connect with influencers in this niche, chat with admins in large communities, or simply tag industry leaders on Twitter.

By attracting the attention of a multi-thousand (preferably) audience of an influencer, you will blow up traffic and faster than a found buyer for your token.

Share NFTs in your email newsletters

If you have at least a small subscriber base, launch emails on the topic. Talk about ready-made projects, share cases of selling tokens (your own or someone else’s), upload training videos, etc. The main thing is to unobtrusively, but regularly stir up the interest of subscribers to the topic and do not forget about powerful CTAs.

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Create accounts on multiple NFT marketplaces

The more often your product appears on marketplaces, the more likely you are to find a suitable buyer. Do not neglect any platform and put your token on both the proposed platform for non tokens and on universal marketplaces a la “hodgepodge”.

The most popular marketplaces where you can display your NFT:

  • SuperRare – digital works of art;
  • MythMarket – collectible cards;
  • AtomicMarket – collectible crypto NFT items;
  • Rarible – collectible crypto items;
  • NBA TopShot – digital cards with NBA stars;
  • MakersPlace – computer graphics.

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