What is the PRINCE2 Certification Cost in Bangalore?


Project Management is a consistently expanding and sought-after role which holds a wide range of scope in the management domain. In this day and age, qualified and equipped project supervisors are generally demanded in urban communities like Bangalore. Around 88 million project jobs are assessed to be opened by 2027. With PRINCE2 Training, you will have a certifiable capacity and abilities to get a strategic advantage in the domain of project management.

The PRINCE2® Foundation and Practitioner certificate can assist you with getting employed in leading organizations in Bangalore and other comparable urban communities. PRINCE2 being a highly advanced course is persistently improving a lot of individuals in terms of skills & knowledge across the world. It drives the interest of organizations & associations for PRINCE2 certified professionals.

To construct your Project Management abilities, get PRINCE2 Foundation and Practitioner certification. A talented PRINCE2 Practitioner in Bangalore can earn up to ₹16,00,000 every year. This Prince2 Course in Bangalore is quite famous and skilful.

Who Should Take Up this PRINCE2® Foundation Certification?

  • Project Managers
  • Project Coordinators
  • Project Analysts
  • Project Leaders
  • Product Managers
  • Program Managers
  • Project Sponsors

Why PRINCE2® Training Course In Bangalore?

Banglore is  widely regarded as the ‘Silicon Valley of India’ because of its role in India’s leading  Information and Technology sector.  Banglore , the tech capital of India, is home to most of the Major IT companies in India and World alike. Thus the IT training institutions  have the direct impact of the work culture and growth of the IT framework.

Bangalore institutes provide a real-time and placement-focused PRINCE2® course in Bangalore. The PRINCE2 course in Bangalore  includes basic to advanced levels, the PRINCE2 course institutes are designed to get you a job in a good MNC company in Bangalore as soon as you finish the PRINCE2® Certification training course. The  PRINCE2 trainers are  certified experts and experienced working professionals with hands-on real-world experience with multiple PRINCE2 implementations. The institutes provide  PRINCE2 course content and syllabus based on the needs of our students in order to help them achieve their career goals. You will learn  real time implementation and PRINCE2® certification placement training in their PRINCE2 training programme.The institute in Bangalore training centers provide state-of-the-art infrastructure and lab equipment.

The top institutes in  Bangalore provides PRINCE2 training in a variety of locations throughout Bangalore

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Cost of PRINCE2® Certification in Bangalore

Bangalore is an excellent place to begin your PRINCE2 foundation training. There are a number of authorized training organizations for PRINCE2 that have been accredited by AXELOS and have trained a significant number of project management professionals in India. Classroom training costs around 30,000 rupees, while live online training costs Rs 25,000 and self-learning costs Rs 22,000 plus tax. 

Institutes in Bangalore offer flexible classroom training, online training, and self-learning. With so many training organizations offering PRINCE2 training, Bangalore is one of the main sites offering high-quality training at reasonable prices.

What you’ll realize in the PRINCE2® course in Bangalore training? 

  • Befitting PRINCE2

Become familiar with the ideas of fitting PRINCE2 and taking on it in an association.

  • PRINCE2 Principles

Grasp the 7 center PRINCE2 Principles, and how they give a structure to great practice.

  • PRINCE2 Themes

Comprehend the 7 PRINCE2 topics, and how they are utilized to deal with a project.

  • PRINCE2 Processes

Grasp the 7 PRINCE2 Processes, and how they support the PRINCE2 procedure.

  • Project Risks

Figure out how to apply PRINCE2 essentials to control and moderate dangers.

  • PRINCE2 Best Practices

Gain proficiency with the most recent PRINCE2 best practices and apply them across different projects and portfolios.

Abilities You’ll Acquire in the PRINCE2 Course

  • Business defense
  • Benefits management
  • Quality training
  • Quality control
  • Quality management
  • Quality audit
  • Risk management
  • Critical thinking
  • Functional management
  • Overseeing change
  • Resilience designation
  • Progress management
  • Beginning a project
  • Coordinating a project
  • Starting a project
  • Controlling project stages
  • Overseeing item conveyance
  • Dealing with a phase limit
  • Shutting a project
  • Fitting and installing PRINCE2 in an association


Banglore being the hub of numerous organizations and enterprises continuously needs the individuals with PRINCE2® certification. You should give it a try by getting enrolled in the online PRINCE2® certification course and work your way towards an enriching career.

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Q1. Is this PRINCE2 course online just for programming experts?

Not really. The preparation is for project chiefs, imminent task directors, and any other person engaged with the project the executives. Understudies and people inspired by the project, the executives can sign up for the PRINCE2® Practitioner program.

It is additionally pertinent to other key staff associated with the plan, advancement, and conveyance of ventures, including:

  • Project Board individuals (for example Senior Responsible Owners)
  • Group Managers (for example Item Delivery Managers)
  • Project Assurance (for example Business Change Analysts)
  • Project Support (for example Task and Program Office workforce)
  • Functional line administrators/staff

Q2. What are the advantages of holding PRINCE2® Certification?

Here are the advantages of having a PRINCE2® certification:

  • Getting what it takes and information expected for fitting the PRINCE2 philosophy as per your project.
  • The foundation level certification can be acquired for minimal price and within less time.
  • PRINCE2 confirmed experts are offered robust compensation in leading organizations.
  • It is a renowned and accepted course certification across the world.
  • It plays obviously characterized parts and obligations.

Q3. How to get confirmed in the PRINCE2 Foundation Examination?

The below mentioned stages will direct you on getting PRINCE2 Foundation Certificate:

  • Stage-1: You can sit for the PRINCE2 Foundation test in the wake of finishing an instructional class with ATO or book your test straightforwardly with PeopleCert.
  • Stage-2: Register for PRINCE2 Foundation Course from an ATO like Knowledgehut
  • Stage-3: Find an appropriate Schedule.
  • Stage-4: You can plan your test through PeopleCert if you want.
  • Stage-5: Prepare for the exam thoroughly with the help of reference books and various other tests for the same.
  • Stage-6: The test result will be given following five working days from the date of the test.
  • Stage-7: The ALEXOS will approach you when you pass the concerned test in order to discuss the further certification process.

Q4. How to Schedule the PRINCE2 Foundation Exam?

This is the way you can plan your test:

  • Your training supplier will plan your test after which you will receive an email from PeopleCert containing guidelines on making a profile and enlisting for the test.
  • You need to enroll at PeopleCert before you start your test. In the event that you miss the window, your training supplier can reach out to PeopleCert.
  • After your enrollment is finished, you will get a 3-digit enlistment number. You should enter this enrollment number on the response sheet.
  • It will require around 5 days to accept your outcomes which you can see under the Candidate’s profile.

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