What’s Good About Being a Quality Manager?

The pandemic of coronavirus revealed a lot of disadvantages of traditional employment. The inability of companies to switch to a remote way of working is one of the most significant issues. Businesses had to quickly adapt to these conditions, and it was especially inconvenient for logistics and fulfillment agencies. 

Home packing jobs aren’t quite common. Luckily for Uss-Express workers, their employer was ready for this shift. It had several remote positions. The quality manager vacancy was one of the most popular for candidates. The possibility to work from home is its biggest advantage. What are the others? Keep reading to find this out.

Pros and cons of the job

Shipping jobs from home aren’t all the same because shipping providers are big organizations with diversified services. Naturally, every position has its pros and cons. What about the quality manager in Uss-Express?


  • part-timer receive $1,700 per month through bi-weekly payments;
  • full-timers work for around $3,200 per month;
  • work from home packing and shipping job that gives the possibility to enter the logistics industry without any background experience;
  • one of the best packing jobs from home in terms of entry-level;
  • there’s no need to travel every day to warehouses of the company – at a remote position you are required to store goods at home.

This sounds too good to be true if you don’t know what are the disadvantages of being a quality manager at Uss-Express. Here they come:

  • working from home might bother your private life;
  • you need to have access to specific equipment at home to be hired for this job;
  • you have to deal with an intense flow of parcels.

Responsibilities of the quality manager position

Don’t be uncaring when applying for packing from home jobs. A quality control manager position is an important function that impacts the attitude of the customers to the provider of services. Uss-Express cares about its reputation and image among its clients. That’s why the employer won’t deal with uncaring and irresponsible workers.

How do you know that your performance in this position corresponds to the company’s standards? That’s simple, just make sure to execute your duties well. Actually, there are not many responsibilities in this position so you can put a lot of effort to do everything properly.

  • check the content of parcels and their quality;
  • provide reports about orders to your management;
  • choose and substitute packing materials (if necessary);
  • ship the packages to the required addresses.

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Uss Express’ reputation as an employer

There is no perfect packing job at home. Nonetheless, it’s much better to learn from failures or others than to gain your own negative experience. These days, it’s very easy to learn about the experiences of other employees – just visit Glassdoor, Indeed, BBB, Trustpilot, or Ambitionbox and read their testimonials about a certain employee. We scrolled through the reviews about the Uss-Express employer. Here are two examples, outlining the general features of the company: 

  1. “I really love working for Uss-Express as a quality control manager because that’s the easiest remote job I have ever had in my life! Thank you for this opportunity!” – a current quality manager from NYC on Glassdoor.
  2. “The organization is trustworthy; I formerly worked at a company that needed me to work from home in order to receive and examine things acquired from online vendors. I like working for this company … the money was always paid on schedule and employees receive additional bonuses for holidays” – Joshua Kings on AmbitionBox.

If you want more testimonials, find them online. There are several video testimonials. Maybe, they will help you to shape your understanding of the Uss-Express’ reputation.

Follow a few steps and you’re already working

Now, when you know that Uss-Express is a reputable place to work from home shipping packages, you might have a question: how do I get this job? Follow a few steps to get hired:

  1. Make sure you have the required equipment to work as a quality manager remotely. The list of the necessary gadgets is not long – printer, PC or laptop, and smartphone with a good camera.
  2. Provide your contact detail in the special form on the website. Your professional CV, diploma, or other papers aren’t required.
  3. Take a 10-minute job interview with the HR manager. During this interview, you have to ensure your manager that you have a proper physical address to store all the parcels in proper conditions.

If you manage to complete these 3 steps successfully, you will get this job!

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