Windowsupdate_80070103 Error Solved In Easy Steps

Windowsupdate_80070103 Error is one of the most common errors that people usually find in their computers. This error is faced by the people who use Windows 7, 8 and 10 OS. This windowsupdate_80070103 error is not a major issue so you should not be worried. We have mentioned an easy fix for this error code 80070103 and if you follow the steps correctly, the problem will be solved in no time. First let us see why this code 80070103 error shows up.

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Why does Error Code 80070103 Shows Up?

The main reason this error shows up is due to a driver update. When you update any driver in your computer from a windows update which is already installed in your computer, the “windowsupdate_80070103” error might show up. Now we know why this error shows up, lets see how to fix this error.

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Easy Fix For Windowsupdate_80070103 Error

To fix the error, we need to to update the drivers on your computer. It is a very simple process and you will be able to fix this error in no time. Now lets see how to fix this error:

  • Search for Windows Update History > Click on View Your Update History
  • Look for the update which says Failed instead of Successfully installed
  • Once locating the driver which failed to update you need to update the driver manually
  • To update the driver manually, go to device manufacturer’s website. (Manufacturer Example: Dell, HP, Asus, Lenovo etc)
  • You can find the exact driver on their website and if not, you can talk to their tech support and ask them to guide you to find the exact same driver.
  • Once you find the driver, download and install it.
  • Restart your computer once done.
  • Error code 80070103 will not show again.

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If you follow these simple steps correctly windowsupdate_80070103 error will not show up again on your computer. This solution works for all the windows such as windows 10/8/7.

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This was the in-detail article on how to fix the error windowsupdate_80070103 in easy steps. You can follow the steps mentioned above and fix this error in no time at ease. I hope this article was helpful to you and if you are still facing some issues, you can mention them in the comments. We would be happy to help you solve them.

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