Is Ark Survival Evolved Cross Platform | Detailed Guide

The Ark Survival Evolved is a video game which has been released in 2017 for all major operating systems such as Linux, Microsoft Windows, MacOS, Xbox One and the PlayStation 4. Soon after in 2018, it was released for mobile devices running operating systems such as Android, IOS and the Nintendo Switch. 

Many players have been asking a particular question: is ark survival evolved cross platform? Let us take a look and see what the answer to the ‘is ark survival evolved cross platform’ question is. 

What the meaning of cross platform gaming? How is it relevant to the ‘is ark survival evolved cross platform’ question? Well, cross platform gaming is a scenario where many players can connect and play on various devices at the same time. This means, that one player can be gaming from their PC and the other from the Xbox or PlayStation.

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1. Is ark cross platform?

Yes, the ark game is indeed, cross platform. But it is not entirely cross platform. This feature is limited to certain devices only.

2. Is ark survival evolved cross platform for the Android and iOS smartphone devices?

Yes ark survival evolved is cross platform between Android and iOS Smartphone devices. This means you may play on Android before switching to iOS, and vice versa. If your friend is playing on their Android smartphone, you may still play with them on your iOS device.

3. Is ark survival evolved cross platform for the Xbox One and Microsoft Windows?

Yes, Ark Survival Evolved is available for both Xbox One and Microsoft Windows. This implies that Xbox One and Microsoft Windows users may interact with one another.

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4. Is ark survival evolved cross platform for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4?

No, Ark Survival Evolved is not available as a cross platform game for gaming consoles, which means it will not operate on platforms such as the PlayStation 4 or Xbox gaming systems. If you want to play Ark Survival Evolved on several platforms, you must purchase the game for each device separately.

5. Is ark survival evolved cross platform for the PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Windows?

Not at the moment.

6. Is ark cross platform for mobile phone and Xbox One?

No, Ark does not support cross-platform play between Xbox and mobile. This is due to the fact that Xbox is a console that runs on Windows, whereas mobile smartphones are handheld devices that run on Android.

7. is ark cross platform for the PlayStation 5 and the mobile phone?

No, Ark is not a cross platform game for the PS5 and mobile devices. Because the PlayStation Network (PSN) utilises a different version of PHP than Android devices, this is the case.

8. is ark cross platform for the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch?

Because Sony and Nintendo are rivals, Ark is not cross-platform between PS4 and Nintendo Switch.

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Final Words

As you can see, the is ark cross platform question has been answered. It is a wonderful survival game where gamers can connect with their friends together and play online. The game features dinosaurs and other crazy things so it is definitely a fun game to play. 

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