How To Play Xbox One Games On PC With Disc And Emulator

Xbox games are so much fun to play with people you know well. However, the joy that comes from playing with friends dies down soon because users use only a single platform for the visual display. Did you know you can play the same games on your pc as well? In this article, we shall teach you how to play xbox one games on pc with disc. 

Can You Play Original Xbox Games On PC?

There are many famous top games which are exclusively for the xbox console. Since it is owned by the same company it is possible to play original xbox games on pc. This is made possible with the help of an emulator. This way, you can derive the same amount of fun from the games on the pc which you would have received from when you play original xbox games on pc. 

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How To Play Xbox 360 Games On PC With Disc And Emulator?

There are many different types of emulators currently in the market, and they are all equally amazing since they support a variety of games from older ones to even newer titles. Out of all the emulators, one which stands out at the top allowing users to play original xbox games on pc is the Xenia Emulator.

Xenia emulator is one of the top choices since it is efficient and more over, it is free. It supports all the games from the xbox 360 without a glitch. Now, let’s see how to play xbox one games on pc with disc.

How To Use Emulators To Run And Play Original Xbox Games On PC?

With the help of emulators, let us find out how to play xbox one games on pc with disc. There are a few simple steps which need to be followed apart from changing a few settings to make this work. It is a simple process so let us take a look.

Connect The PC And The Console

Connecting the pc and the console is the first step you will take if you want to play original xbox games on pc. Next, follow these steps.

  • Launch the xbox companion app on the Pc on which you wish to play the xbox games with the emulator.
  • Once it launches, you must click on the connect tab, which is near the left hand side of the window bar.
  • What happens now is that the application filter through everything to get you to the console that is accessible. There will be many types of consoles, so do not worry, all you have to do is choose the fun that matches your xbox 360 device.
  • The next step involves streaming. This is a simple process as all you have to do is click on the stream button which makes the game start streaming right away.
  • Then, you can access the list of games which you want to play and choose the game that you prefer.
  • There will be another button called the reassure button. To locate this button, you have to look at the upper right corner of the page where you will easily find it. Once you do locate it, you must click on it. Then you will see that your preferred game has started streaming on the PC

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How To Change Or Alter The Streaming Quality Of The Original Xbox Games On PC?

Yes it is definitely possible to alter the streaming quality of the original xbox games on pc. All you have to do here is alter a few settings here and there to make it possible to play the original xbox games on pc. 

  • The first step is correctly interfacing between the PC and the Xbox 360 device.
  • The second step involves dispatching the xbox app carefully.
  • In the third step, you have to go to the settings tab in order to move to the game streaming sub menu.
  • In this menu, which is the final step, you will see three different types of alternative settings namely low, medium, and high. This happens when you open the Video encoding menu. Here you can choose whether you want the streaming quality to be according to the 2.4GHz wi-fi connection or the 5GHz wi-fi connection, whichever enables smooth streaming

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How To Play Xbox 360 Games On PC With Disc?

Microsoft is amazing as they allow users of both xbox and pc to play the games effortlessly and enjoy the game’s precious moments. All you have to do is make sure that you have an existing xbox live record for this to work. Next, follow these steps.

  • Purchase the game: Here you have to purchase the game you want to play from the xbox store or windows store.
  • Dispatch PC: The next step here is dispatching the PC. Once you do that you have to perform the same step for the xbox also.
  • Dispatch the game: You have to dispatch the game as well to play it in an unrestricted manner. 
  • Launch the game on the PC: Now we have to launch the game on the pc if you want to play it.

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Final Words

As you can see, you have now learnt how to play xbox 360 games on pc with disc. You can see that it is a fairly easy process which does not make much time. In fact, it can be done in the few simple steps that we have discussed in this article to know how to play xbox one games on pc with disc. By following these steps, you will be able to play your favorite xbox games. 

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