Fallout 4 Crash On Startup Error [Solved!!] | 10 Easy Ways To Fix It

Fallout 4 is one of the most popular games among gamers and non gamers as well. I am sure if you play even about a lit bit of games you must have heard about it. But, recently people are facing an Fallout 4 crash on startup error when they try to play this game. It is really frustrating to see your favoitire game crash when you want to play it.

In this article, we have added 10 ways to easily fix Fallout 4 crashes on startup error in no time. You just have to follow some simple steps to fix Fallout 4 stops working on startup error. Before we see how we can fix this error, let’s see why it is showing up.

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Why Fallout 4 Has Stopped Working On Launch Error Occurs?

The main reason why this problem occurs or we can say when this problem occurs is not meeting up the requirements of game. It means your graphic card and hardware of your computer is not able to meet the requirements of the game. Although, there are other reasons as well because of which this issue occurs. Don’t worry, you can fix Fallout 4 has stopped working on launch error easily. Let’s have a look at Fallout 4 crash fix now.

10 Ways To Fix Fallout 4 Crashes On Startup Error

1. Disable Antivirus Or Windows Defender

One of the easiest method to fix fallout 4 stops working on startup error is to just disabling the antivirus. Follow the steps to use this method:

  • Go to your Antivirus > Disable it
  • If you are using Windows defender, go to Windows Defender > Disable it
  • Now, wait for few minutes
  • Go to launch icon of Fallout 4 and right click on it
  • Press on Run as Administrator
  • Game will launch and Fallout 4 crashes on startup error will be fixed.

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2. Delete Game Files & Reload

In this method to fix fallout 4 crash on startup, you will have to delete the game files and then reload the game again. Follow the steps below to use this method:

  • Open Stream > Library
  • Right click on Fallout 4 and select uninstall
  • Click on delete option once a window pops up
  • If you are not using stream, go to Fallout 4 game root directory
  • Find uninstall and click on it.
  • Once done, reinstall the game again with your antivirus or windows defender closed this time
  • Error Fallout 4 stops working on startup will be fixed

3. Use Low Graphic Settings

As I told you above, there is a quite good chance that your computer is not able to handle the amount of strain the game is putting on it. It causes Fallout 4 crashes on startup or after few minutes of gameplay. To fix this, you just have to set the graphic setting at the lowest. Follow the steps below to use this method:

  • Open the game > Go to settings
  • Select Video Quality > Graphic settings
  • Set all the settings to lowest and apply
  • Once done, play the game
  • Error fallout 4 crashes on startup will be fixed.

4. Change Resolution

For all the people looking for fallout 4 crash fix let me tell you, a change in resolution can also cause this problem. If the resolution set on your computer does not matches with the resolution with you game, it can cause fallout 4 crash on startup error to occur. Don’t worry, it is very easy to fix, follow the simple steps below:

  • Right click on your desktop screen >Select Display Settings
  • Check Display Resolution
  • Now, go to game settings and check the display resolution
  • If the resolution is different, set them same
  • Once done, run the game
  • It was this easy to do Fallout 4 crash fix

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5. Update The Graphic Card Drivers

You can simply update the graphic card drivers you are using to fix this error. For this, go to your graphic card settings and check for updates. If it shows any update, click on update and do it. If it is not showing any update or not processing the update, go to your graphic card official website and check for update. Update from there and once done, play the game. The error fallout 4 has stopped working on launch will be solved.

6. Use Latest Patch Of Fallout 4

For bugs and crashes the develops provide latest updates as well. You can check for any latest update of game and install it on your computer. It will fix the issue of fallout 4 has stopped working on launch error.

7. Fix Mouse Acceleration

In this methods you will have to fix the mouse acceleration issue. Follow the simple steps below:

  • Go to C drive > Locate Documents > Find Fallout 4 folder
  • Find file Fallout4Prefs.ini in it and open it
  • Change  iPresentinterval =1 to iPresentinterval =0 in it
  • Save it and go back
  • Restart you computer > Launch Stream
  • Select Library > right click on Fallout 4
  • Select Properties > Click on local files
  • Choose the Verify the integrity of game files option
  • Once the verification is done, play the game
  • Error fallout 4 stops working on startup will be fixed

8. Using 64 Bit System

A simple method to fix fallout 4 crash on startup error is to change your system from 32 bit to 64 bit if you are using the 32 bit version. (Make sure the 64 bit processer is installed in your device)

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9. Repair Or Change the Corrupted Files

To use this method you can download any software which can locate corrupted files on your computer. Once you find the files, delete them or repair them. This will fix the fallout 4 ctd on startup issue.

10. Delete Any Mods If You Are Using

Mods are great but can also cause your game to crash as well. If you are using any, their is a quite good chance it is causing the trouble. Delete the mods and try to run the game. It will work fine.


These were 10 simple ways to fix Fallout 4 ctd on startup error. If you follow the steps correctly, the error will be fixed for sure. I hope this article was helpful to you. If you have any questions or suggestions, you can mention them in the comments.

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