Game Pigeon Not Working | 6 Easy Fixes

Have you just learned that this game it can be played via iMessage? Are you facing the issue of game pigeon not working iOS 10? However, every time you make a move, the opposing player can only see still photographs of the game. Why wont game pigeon download?

The app won’t launch in a lot of situations. GamePigeon occasionally doesn’t even appear in the list of iMessage applications. So, why cant i download game pigeon?

We have listed the solution to these problems and how you can set it up to make the game work.

Why is GamePigeon not working on your device?

You are not the only one who is facing this problem. You may have noticed that several users have complained of game pigeon not working iOS 10. It’s become a significant issue in some forums and social media sites. One user explained that he had downloaded the game, and it worked initially. Still, after a few days, he could no longer play it, probably because GamePigeon was not working on his smartphone or other compatible devices.

In other cases, issues like why cant i download game pigeon and will instead see a notice stating that the program you are attempting to download is already installed.

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To fix this issue, you have to follow these steps:

1. Sign Out of your Apple ID

Setting > [Apple ID] > [Sign Out]

2. Connect App to your Apple ID

Setting > [Apple ID] > [Add Account] if the app isn’t already linked to your account. Then select the program you want to play and click [Add Account]. The next time you want to open the game, select it from the list of available apps. 

3. Change date and time

Depending on your device’s time zone, adjust the time to match the time in your native country. This will allow you to play GamePigeon at a later date.

4. Play!

In addition, GamePigeon also requires access to your location, so you can use an app like Tasker Pro to create a rule that allows him to access the location feature if it is not working. The message will then display normally.

5. Restart your device

You have to restart your iPhone if game pigeon not working iOS 10 or if the game is not appearing on the list of iMessage apps.

6. Update your apps

Many reports that the app does not work because an app update may have broken it. If you are connected to your Apple ID associated with GamePigeon, you can use Check for why cant i download game pigeon and download updates for the game. This is not a plug-in, but it’s a more secure way to check for updates than iTunes.

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GamePigeon apps won’t connect? Here’s what to do

If you are facing the issue of why wont game pigeon download and your app is not able to connect to the game, don’t worry. There are two possible solutions in this case:

  • First, Go to your app store and install the latest version of GamePigeon. The game should then be working correctly.
  • If you’re experiencing this problem on your computer, you can try signing out of your Apple ID, updating the device software, and setting them to use the latest stable version of iTunes.

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