How Can Fans Keep Track of all the Pokémon Games?

Pokémon has been around for what feels like forever, and while the television show is a big hit with people of all ages, the video and trading card games came out first. When you think about the different variations of Pokémon, it’s no surprise that the company is worth $92.121 billion, and is the highest-grossing franchise on the market. But after 26 years on the market and numerous different games, how can fans keep track of everything?

Older Pokémon games

The first games to hit the market were Pokémon Red and Blue in 1999, which introduced players to the Kanto region. These games brought in Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle, before 2000’s Pokémon Yellow allowed players to catch Pikachu. Before the Johto region was released to players, there were several different puzzle games to choose from, such as Pokémon Pinball.

Players were almost spoilt for choiceFrom the Johto region, first seen in 2001 with the Gold and Silver games, and in Crystal later that year, to the Hoenn region of Ruby and Sapphire two years later, players were almost spoilt for choice. Each game that was released also added an additional 100 or more new Pokémon for the player to catch. When considering the various additions to the franchise, from new cities to visit and leaders to beat, there is a lot to keep track of.

More recent games

Since the release of Ruby and Sapphire in 2003, there have since been an additional 64 games in the Pokémon universe, with the latest being Pokémon Legends: Arceus. These include newer Pokémon RPGs such as Sword and Shield, as well as updated versions of the original red and blue games with Pokemon: Let’s Go, Eevee/Pikachu. With all these new RPGs available, it’s not surprising to note that there are also almost 900 Pokémon in total, with 18 different types from the eight different generations and regions.

Other Pokémon games that have taken the world by storm include Pokémon Go, which came out in July 2016. When initially released, the game offered a brand new way to enjoy the franchise as it encouraged people to get outside and catch AI Pokémon with their mobiles. This game was incredibly popular with those who grew up with the brand, who could finally go out and catch their very own Pokémon.

I’m new to Pokémon, how do I keep track?

It can be tricky to keep up, especially with the many different games available to play. However, there are sources out there if you want to learn before you get started. To find out everything you can about the franchise, you can click here for Pokémon news. With articles talking about legendary Pokémon, how to get certain preorder bonuses, and what you need to know before the release, everything you need is in the one place.


The Pokémon franchise has definitely not held back when it comes to releasing games and giving their fans what they want. But it doesn’t matter if you’re new to the world or have been a fan since it came out, it can be daunting keeping up with the different games. There are a wide range of resources available for those looking to broaden their knowledge, so you no longer need to feel lost at sea.

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