How Much Does It Cost to Hire an App Developer in 2022?


When considering the cost of hiring an app developer, factors like your budget and the depth of the project come to play. Are you building an app from the ground up, or do you need new integrations? What type of integration do you need? Do you want a cross-platform or native solution? Answering the question, ‘How much does it cost to hire an app developer?’ isn’t straightforward. The hire app developer cost also varies from country to country and region to region. 

Let’s cover the basics. 

Mobile app development just like custom web application development services cost per hour is determined by an endless host of factors. For example, you might decide to hire an in-house team to help build your app as against hiring a development company. Of course, an in-house team will cost less than a development company. In the end, however, in-house teams may not have the leadership experience and might make costly mistakes that will take time and money to fix. 

Bugs cost money also!

Hiring an inexperienced app developer is setting yourself up for failure. Even if you want a simple-level app with few integrations, a simple layout, and limited functionalities, you should always consider hiring an app developer with record experience. A leading app development company should have members with at least ten years of experience. When you assign your app project to them, you can rest assured that they will deliver on functionalities and complex integrations.

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How Much Does it Cost to Hire an App Developer: The Top Factors to Consider 

App Functionality: App functionality varies from feasible features to popular consumer features and state-of-the-art features. The app functionality will determine the depth of a project and the cost of hiring app developer. App functionality also defines what the app will do. Will there be payment integration? Will the app work cross-platform from Android to iOS, or is it a native app? What hardware will support the app? Camera? What hardware model will the app support? iPhone 12, iPhone 11, Oppo?

Visual Objects: Will there be complex visual objects in the app? Visual objects, depending on their complexity and mode, can considerably influence the price of building an app. 

Integration: Will there be integration to third-party apps? Will the app need third-party apps to function? Are you building an app that can integrate with WhatsApp?

Maintenance Structure and Plan: App development goes beyond primary building. Some apps need constant maintenance and bug fix to work properly. What is the maintenance structure of your app? Will you be using the team that built the app for maintenance? 

Hardware Features in Smartphones: Will the app be integrated into hardware features like Augmented Reality tech, motion processors, and GPS navigation? There are many other hardware integrations to smartphones. 

Location of Developers: While the other factors determine the price you will pay to get an app, the developer’s location is also an important factor. Primarily, there are lead developers, architects, and even trainees in different regional pools of the world. These developers often charge different fees or hourly rates across a project difficulty. Location is a strong factor when answering ‘how much should it cost to hire an app developer?’

Mobile App Development Hourly Rate

The United States & Canada

The United States and Canada are two countries with some of the highest development rates. For example, the average app development rate in Canada is $45 per project, while the average app development in the United States is $50 per hour. App development rate in the United States is between $35 and $75. For example, a mid-level app developer in the United States can charge anywhere from $45 to $55, while a lead developer might not go below $60.

Western Europe

The average benchmark for France is $35 per hour, while Netherlands and Germany app developers will charge $40 and $45 per hour, respectively. The language barrier with the French, as against the English Language, maybe one of the reasons they charge lower than their fellow region-men.

Eastern Europe

Eastern European countries balance the price-quality ratio. A lead developer from Ukraine can offer his services for as low as $45 per hour, while a lead developer from Poland and Belarus may charge $50 and $55 per hour. Eastern Europe has a relatively lower cost of living when compared to the United States and Canada. A language barrier and time zone differences play important roles in the price disparity.


Chinese mobile app developers are affordable, and a senior developer can charge as low as $30 per hour. Lead and architect developers from South Korea and Japan should charge higher than China. China’s language barrier is apparent, and many companies prefer to work with programmers that understand the English language conversationally—at least. South Korean developers charge from $30 per hour to $55 per hour. 

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How much does it cost to hire an app developer? The factors explored will guide you. While it is important to worry about cost, it is also important to think about the project requirements and the best direction for sound results. 

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