Reasons Why Java Is the Best Programming Language

The discussion about what is the best programming language never ends. There are numerous programming languages, and depending on what you want to develop, there is a language best suited for that. Java is the best programming language, and this post will discuss four key reasons why that is so. Take a look!

4 Reasons Why Java is the Best Programming Language

Developing Java applications and systems is costly and requires experts. Before deciding who to hire for your project, you must know the hire app developer cost and why Java is so popular.

1. Java Is User-Friendly

Anyone can quickly learn Java, especially since it has an English-like syntax. Once you start with Core Java, you can quickly scale to Advanced Java. Its smooth learning curve adds to its popularity. Moreover, anyone interacting with C++ or C will have a smooth transition.

Java uses an object-oriented approach. Hence, you can quickly understand its object structure when learning it, and its OOP gives it an advantage in handling real-world applications and breaks the complexity of designing systems. The different classes and objects utilized in Java make it highly reusable, making Java attain a clean and readable structure.

2. Java Has Numerous APIs and Libraries

Java comes loaded with helpful APIs and libraries to support building different objects. Its API is extensive, and the standard JDK has over 200 packages utilizing Java APIs. This rich Java ecosystem makes it popular as you can use Java to build anything from mobile applications to desktop apps to web-based systems.

It gets better since Java is a “write once, run anywhere” language. Furthermore, Java has high-level concurrency, and its multiple packages make it possible to use Java for highly scalable solutions.

3. Java is Independent

The best part about Java is that its runtime environment, JRE, makes it easy to install and run Java on different devices. Once you have the JRE installed on any device, you can run a Java application on the devices.

This feature makes Java independent and accommodates using it on all devices, provided they support JRE. It can run on Linux/Unix, macOS, and Windows. This compatibility makes Java the most preferred language for business software development. For mobile devices, Android is based on Java. For iOS applications, Kotlin uses Java’s object-oriented structure.

4. It has Excellent Documentation

As an open-source application, Java is well-documented. There are exclusive Java guides, especially Javadoc, that guide anyone using Java. An online search will land you numerous Java learning, troubleshooting, and coding guides. 

Again, Java has an extensive online support community to help debug and solve issues developers face when working with Java. This exclusive documentation, access to learning materials, and an online support community make Java popular with developers.

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Java is for everything. It has many libraries, APIs, documentation, learning materials, etc. Besides, you can quickly learn Java to build different applications and systems. This guide has discussed four factors that make Java the most popular programming language. 

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