How to Get Wi-Fi at Home Without Cable? 

A cable internet connection is, along with fiber, probably the best option for a powerful, fast, stable internet connection. However, some people hate the messiness of cabled connections, and many prefer cable-free connections. Like it or not, with increased internet usage in the new norm, most people want to do away with cables. But how to get Wi-Fi at home without cable?

We’ve got you covered! In this post, you will find multiple options to get Wi-Fi at home without cable.

Use Mobile Hotspot

The easiest way to set up Wi-Fi at home without cable is using a mobile hotspot feature of your cell phone. Display quick settings options on your cell phone and tap on the Wi-Fi Hotspot to switch on the data. You can utilize the cell phone’s data and connect other Wi-Fi-enabled devices such as PCs, laptops, tablets, or even other cell phones to the internet. However, a cell phone data plan typically costs more than its static counterpart due to its flexibility.

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How to Set Up a Mobile Hotspot on your iPhone

Get a Plug-and-Play Portable Cellular Router

Unlike the typical fixed home routers, you don’t have to deal with any cables at all. You just need a data-only SIM card to insert into a slot on the portable cellular router, and it’s ready for use. Furthermore, it operates using a built-in battery that usually lasts up to 24h. 

It makes the portable cellular router so versatile; you can bring it along during holidays. The downside is that it produces a less stable and slower internet connection compared to a fixed home router because it depends 100% on wireless signals broadcasted via radio waves. But, with a lower price tag, it entices users to buy due to its ease of use and versatility.

Share Internet with a Neighbor

It may not be a good idea to share the internet with your neighbor, especially if you’re not friendly, and worst if your neighbors are not friendly at all. But sharing an internet plan with a neighbor, with each paying the subscription in alternate months, would technically give you a free service for six months a year. 

With such a great offer, you can easily persuade a neighbor about the internet sharing idea and draw up an agreement that includes payment sharing, bandwidth usage extension, and the maximum number of allowed device connections

Get a Satellite Internet Service

Everyone knows a satellite sends signals without cable. An operation center on Earth receives signals from a satellite in outer space. You, in turn, would need a satellite dish to get the internet connection from the provider at the operation center.  

However, there are not many Internet Service Providers giving satellite internet service due to its high-cost factor. In addition, while you can receive satellite signals from any spot on the Earth, bad weather can interfere with your signal. However, satellite technology has been improving, and technologists are looking at ways to take advantage of its widespread coverage. If you live in rural areas where cable services are rare, satellite service is your answer to get Wi-Fi at home. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I get a standalone internet?

A: Internet Service Providers normally offer internet plans bundled with phone or cable, but you can also choose a standalone plan. Although it might not come at a discounted price, you will normally get a Wi-Fi router in place of a fixed wired router.

Q: Can I save money by going cable-free?

A: Yes, most wireless internet plans are cheaper than their wired counterparts, albeit offering a less stable internet connection at less speed.

Q: Can I get satellite internet in the cities?

A: Yes, you can. However, remember that satellite internet connections still give high latency, which is pretty frustrating for online video streaming, video chats, and online gaming. In addition, satellite internet plans are more expensive compared to conventional plans. It’s more suitable for those living in rural areas where there are no other wired cables (like cable and fiber). 

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There are many ways to get Wi-Fi at home without cable. We have shown you some popular methods, and one of them could well be your best option, depending on your internet needs and location.

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