How To Play Gomoku? Tips, Tricks & Cheats {Ultimate Guide}

How to play gomoku and win? Gomoku is a popular board game in which the objective is to get five of your pieces in a row, either horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. Many people think Gomoku and tic-tac-toe are identical games; however, the two are very different. 

Gomoku is a two-player board game in which you must make movements and countermoves against your opponent until one person prevails. Your best bet is to line up five of your pieces in a row. So, if you want to learn how to play gomoku and gomoku strategy, read this article on gomoku tips.

What is Gomoku?

A classic Japanese strategic board game called Gomoku is similar to the Gobang game. It is frequently mispronounced or even called Gobang.

On a board (Go board) that is either 15″ by 15″ and using Go pieces, the game is played (white and black stones). For gomoku how to play, the player who takes the first move plays with white stones, and then white stones are played with alternately with black.

A gomoku strategy is an essential element in the game. It is a means of winning the game by gaining a definite advantage over your fourth opponent rather than waiting for him to make a mistake.

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Gomoku strategy and rules:

To gomoku how to play, you must be aware of some critical gomoku strategy given below:

  • When playing the two-player game Gomoku, the players alternate placing their pieces on the board.
  • The first player to move is determined randomly by turning over a cup and drawing one or two Chinese characters. The same procedure is used in the second game.
  • Each player starts by placing three stones on the side of the board, meaning there will be four rows or “piles” at the beginning of the game. Therefore, the player who draws the first move chooses either of those four piles he feels most inclined to defend.
  • It is inappropriate to put one of your pieces beside another piece of the same color. You should also avoid placing a black or white stone next to your opponent’s piece. This would be like allowing him to put one of his stones next to your piece and capture it.
  • If a player feels he will suffer a disadvantageous position on the board, he can pass and choose not to move in his turn. Such a move is captured or won bypass (or pon).

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Gomoku tips, tricks, and cheats

There are a lot of tips and tricks to play gomoku. So, how to play gomoku is not a big deal. One is to start with the white stones since, in gomoku how to play black ones do not allow for much maneuvering within the first few moves. 

This can be done by placing a small stone or only one stone instead of the usual two adjacent ones. This can make it more difficult for the opponent to capture any of your pieces.

An essential thing in gomoku is that you should keep an eye on your opponent’s strategy. If he is placing more stones in one pile, then consider it a weak point. 

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