How To Win Cup Pong? Tips, Tricks & Cheats

You are on the right page if you are an iPhone user and want to know how to win cup pong with some tips and tricks. This article will teach you about some exciting cup pong cheats on iMessage. These cheats can help you win some rounds in the game and make an easy opponent to give up. 

Even if you are not competing in the games, how to win in cup pong with these tricks will still help you improve your skills in playing this Android and iPhone game.

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Gameplay and rules

The rules given below are essential to winning for knowing how to win cup pong.

The game must have two players: 

You and your friend. You both have a cup of beer in the middle of the table, filled with only three fourth of beer. The person who starts the game has the first opportunity to toss the ball at the cups.

The players have to put the ball in a cup to earn a point: 

In cup pong cheats, one method to get points is to put the ball inside a mug. If a ball strikes another ball, the score is not recorded.

Each player has one attempt per turn: 

After getting the ball, toss it at one of the mugs. It would help if you ensured the ball falls in one cup. If you miss a cup, your turn is over.

The players will get no more than three turns: 

You must make three successful shots in a row if you want how to win cup pong. If you miss a shot, your opponent gets another chance to toss the ball; otherwise, they can still win the game by making cup pong cheats like two consecutive hits.

Once a ball lands in a cup, the cup is removed: 

By hitting another ball, you can get rid of a cup. If you can remove all three cups, then your opponent loses the game by your best cup pong cheats.

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Tips and tricks

Picking up a new one: 

You can always move your opponent’s cup if they accidentally hit your ball. It would help to throw the ball on the mug nearest where they put the next shot. This little trick will save you from losing a few points in this game.

Stalling the game: 

If you are not in a hurry to get points, you can wait until your opponent makes a mistake and removes a cup. This will allow you to make some more shots. You can throw the ball at the mug near your last shot and quickly pick up another point.

Take down two mugs at once: 

If you manage to hit both of your opponent’s cups, it means that they have to drink both cups. This can be risky if they are two fast drinkers. But if you find a safe spot, it is the best shot you can take in this game.

Make sure your opponent gets drunk first: 

You should ensure that your opponent drinks more than you do before taking them out of the game. This way, once all three rounds get over, you’re likely to win the game because your opponent will already be drunk enough to make silly mistakes.

Due to the above, you might be able to know how to win in cup pong; though this game is challenging and need some technological requirements, there are no simple ways to play Cup Pong on iMessage.

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