How To Remove CM Applock? 4 Easy Methods To Uninstall CM Applock

CM AppLock is a very popular app which is used for securing apps on an Android device. With the help of CM AppLock you can apply passwords as well as fingerprint security on any app that you want. This way you can secure the apps on your Android device. A lot of people have private data on their mobile apps and don’t want others to see it. This app allows you to freely give your phone to anyone knowing that the apps you don’t what others to access are locked and can only be accessed by you. But why do people want to uninstall CM applock want to know how to remove CM applock?

Well, the way this application operates is quite creepy and doesn’t allow the users to remove it form their Android device no matter how much they try to uninstall CM applock. Users cannot even find a way to disable CM applock and cannot find a way for CM app lock removal which leads to frustration. CM applock has only 2 options which are forgot your password, don’t lock and lock your device. Users find it very annoying which makes then try to find a way for how to remove CM applock.

Don’t worry, we have added 4 ways in this article with the help of which CM app lock removal would be very easy and you will be able to uninstall CM applock in not time form your Android device.

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4 Ways to Remove CM AppLock From Your Android Device

Here are 4 easy ways to remove CM AppLock from your device.

1. Remove CM Security Suite

The best possible way to remove CM AppLock from your device is to remove CM security suite from your device. Once done, you can install it again if you need it. This will uninstall CM applock from your Android device.

2. Uninstall AppLock from System Settings

It is a very easy way of CM app lock removal. To use this method, follow these steps:

  • Open System Settings on your Android Phone
  • Go to Security
  • Now go to Device Administrator
  • Untick on App Lock
  • Now go to apps section in your settings and open the downloaded tab
  • Find the Applock application and click on uninstall or disable option as per your liking

This method will allow you to easily disable the app or uninstall the app from your Android device which is your answer to how to remove CM applock from Android device.

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3. Use 3rd Party Application

You can find a lot of 3rd party application on Play Store with which you can easily uninstall the CM applock application. Download an app from Play Store by searching Uninstall Application. Find the one with best reviews and install it. Use the Application to remove CM applock from your Android device. This was one of the easiest answer to how to remove CM applock.

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4. Force Stopping CM Applock

To remove the CM Applock if you forgot the apps passwords and locked your settings by any change, you can use this method. Here is how to do it:

  • Open Settings (Applock will ask for password when you try to open settings)
  • Go back but keep settings running in the background
  • Now again open settings
  • For a second the CM applock will not ask password and this is when you have to force stop applock app in settings
  • Try to do it again and again until you reach the force stop option
  • Once you hit force stop, CM applock will stop working.
  • Not uninstall the app from settings and you are good to go

This method is quite tiring but you can use this method if you get stuck in this kind of situation.

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This was the complete article on CM app lock removal. We added 4 different ways to remove the CM applock from any Android device. You can use any of these methods according to your preference as all 4 methods works great. I hope this article was helpful to you and if you have any kind of questions, you can mention them in the comments.

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