Top 10 Longest Snapchat Streaks of All Time

Snapchat is a wonderful application that allows users to send selfies, photos of stuff to their friends and also allows to put photos as stories. It is mostly used by young generation and the young generation has found a way to stay in contact with their contacts with Snapchat streaks.

Now, you may wonder what are Snapchat streaks? Snapchat users send photos called as snaps to their contacts daily and in return the other user send them images daily and create a streak of images with each other. When users do that, a number pops up on their chat which reflects the number of days users have made a streak with each other in continuation. Once a user stops sending snap for a day, the streak breaks. A lot of users wonder (including you and me) what is the longest Snapchat streak of all time? Well, we have compiled a list of the longest snap streak in their article for you. Read the article to find out more about it. Let’s get started.

About Snapchat streak

Snapchat is one of the most popular application out there (specially among teens). Everyone loves to share their photos and selfies to their friends and creating a Snapchat streak is a new way to show people how strong your bond is with your friends.

Before moving to what is the highest streak on snapchat we should understand how the Snapchat streaks work. As explained in the beginning, you and your friend have to send photos/snaps to each other every single day atleast once daily to continue the steak. If by any chance you or your friend missed the streak even for a day, then you streak will break.

We know being regular is difficult but everything comes with a price. After-all the people who created the highest snap streak did that too. If you stay regular the score will increase everyday and one day you might create the longest snapchat streak.

What is the highest streak on Snapchat you ask? Well, we have compiled a list of the stars on Snapchat here so that you can understand better what it takes to create a longest snap streak. Before that, let’s learn about the start of Snapchat Streaks.

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Start of Snapchat Streaks

what is the highest streak on snapchat

Snapchat streaks is a feature which was initially launched by Snapchat on April 5th, 2015. A lot of people found this feature interesting after they gave it a try and many of them has been trying to win the record of highest snap streak on snapchat.

When the Snapchat streak feature was launched, a lot of users saw a number in front of their chat. Around 10 to 12 days later people found out that Snapchat has released a new feature called Snapchat streak. Well, it was later found out that Snapchat already released this feature few days before it was officially announced by Snapchat. Since then, people are trying to create the highest snap streak of all time.

How To Kickstart Snapchat Streak With Someone?

To create a streak on Snapchat, you don’t need to take any particular actions. Just be sure you and your friend start a streak on Snapchat and submit a snap at least once every 24 hours. However, getting your Snapstreak off to a good start is half the battle if you want to establish a long streak. Here are five Snapchat streak ideas that could kickstart your new streak:

Search for willing participants

Not everyone has the time to maintain a Snapstreak. Even some of the most devoted app users might not be interested in sending the same person a snap each day. As a result, it’s critical to get willing volunteers.

The First Day Is Important

Starting a streak on a noteworthy day is generally a good choice (such as your birthday or Christmas). You have a better chance of getting the other person’s attention, getting a response, and maintaining their interest over time.

Focus on people 

There isn’t much purpose in attempting to begin a Snapstreak with someone you hardly ever speak to. Yes, it is possible, but there is a significant chance that the person will become disinterested. Recall that the first several weeks are the most challenging. It gets simpler once both players have immersed themselves in the game for a fair number of days. Starting Snap Streaks with folks you already send a lot of snaps to is the quickest method to get past the initial obstacle.

Blank photos use

Keep the streak going without sending any high-quality photos; nobody is looking down on you. Why not take an empty picture and caption it “Streak” instead? Your score will continue to rise even if you use the same image every day. One of the easiest Snapchat streak ideas available is this one.

Stick to a specific time

If you just want to send one snap every day, it is preferable to begin your Snap Streaks later in the day. Before your time runs out, doing this will cause you to see the hourglass emoji for a while. When you submit a snap first thing in the morning, the emoji will only be shown when you aren’t using the app in the middle of the night.

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What is the Highest Streak on Snapchat? 

longest snap streak

On April 2015, the streak function was introduced and it has been 513 days since then. The list of the highest streak on Snapchat provided in the list below. For all those wondering what is the highest streak on Snapchat, Till 2020, the longest snap streak is of 1501+ days so far. The highest snap streaks till 2020 are mentioned below:

Top 10 Longest Snapchat Streaks in the World: 

  1. Samko and Fatmis, 2492+ days
  2. Laura and Lisa, 2291+ days
  3. Robert Arcese & Um Antonio, 2161+ days
  4. Robert Arcese & Justin Jugs, 2101+ days
  5. Patrick and Ryan, 1501+ days. 
  6. Francesca and Rachel, 1401+ days. 
  7. Josie and Em, 1350+ days. 
  8. Jayden and Ashley 1344+ days. 
  9. Miriam and Alyssa, 1342+ days. 
  10. Sarah and Patrick, 1341+ days. 
  11. Daniel and Mayra, 1329+ days. 
  12. Andrew and Amber, 1326+ days. 

This is a complete list of highest snapchat streak of all time. Out of these provided above, Samko and Fatmis has created the longest streak on snapchat till now. This should answer your questions what is the longest snapchat streak.

Ways to Achieve the Highest Streak on Snapchat

If you want to create the highest snap streak of your own then you must learn the rules of creating a Snapchat streak. You have to make sure you and your friend doesn’t skip sending snaps even for a single day otherwise your streak will be gone forever. It is very difficult to send snaps to each other everyday but you will have to do it if you don’t want to break your streak with each other. It is all about teamwork 🙂

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How to Maintain Your Streaks? 

snap streak
  • We know that the contact list appears according to the first letter of your contact’s name. Adding “A” in front of their name will do the trick. Hence, your friends name and you streak will be displayed on the top and you will not forget to snap them every day. Also, this way will also enable you to snap much faster in just a few taps. 
  •  In order to maintain you Snap streak, you must adhere to the Snapchat time zone. This time zone allows you to send up to two snaps each day keeping a gap of 10 hours. 
  • Also, set an alarm (both of you) to remind yourself and your partner to send streaks to each other.

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Does Snapchat Pay You For Streaks?

Now, to answer your question does Snapchat pay you for streaks? The answer is No. Currently, users are not paid for views on Snapchat. But, to earn money from Snapchat you can do some tasks which we have discussed below.

How Can You Earn From Snapchat?

As a user of Snapchat, you own the opportunity to submit your best-created videos to earn a share of almost 1 million dollars. Snapchat would pay a share of this amount on an everyday basis for performing better video snaps. But, to earn this amount of share, you require to promote affiliate links, need to sell products, or some other things to earn money from the Snapchat streak.

Follow the simple steps to start your journey on Snapchat and start earning:

Creating A Snap

It is quite simple, you just have to take selfies via Snapchat and send it to your friends.

Snap A Photo Or A Video

To take a photo or video on Snapchat you simply have to click on the red dot on your screen. To take photo, click on it and to take video, long press on the same button.

Use Creative Features

Use the features below to make it more interesting and you can become more and more involving.

  • Caption (T symbol).
  • Doodle (pencil symbol).
  • Stickers
  • Scissors (scissors icon).
  • Music (music note symbol).
  • Link (paperclip icon).
  • Crop (two right angles icon).
  • Timer (stopwatch icon).

Sending Snap

Click on “send to” arrow on your screen to send a snap. This would allow you to select the number of contacts to whom you wish to share your snap. Once you are done with the contacts selection, share your snap with those contacts.

Final Words

This was the complete article on what is the highest streak on snapchat. Snapchat streak is a wonderful feature that you can use to send snaps to your friends and stay in contact with that. Although, there are no benefits of it but you can do it just for fun. It is a great way to keep your contacts connected. I hope we were able to answer what is the highest streak on snapchat. Let us know in the comments down below what’s your Snapchat streak score!

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