What Does an S Mean on a Snap?

Social media these days might be a little intimidating. It can be challenging to keep up with all the acronyms that keep appearing! Fortunately, there are tutorials to assist you in better comprehending what these abbreviations and emojis mean, so you can understand what your friend is trying to communicate with you. This article will explain what does an S mean on a Snap and how to respond to it. Snapchat is a very exciting feature that permits you to contact another person without any hurdles. 

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S on Snapchat – What does it mean?

You’re not the only one who may be perplexed if you received a blank snap with an “S” on it and wonder what does an S mean on a Snap. The ‘S’ on the picture stands for ‘Streaks,’ as it turns out. Snapchat uses Snapstreaks to make sure you don’t forget about your buddies. When two people exchange snaps for three days in a row, this is known as a snap streak. To distinguish a “Streak” snap from a standard snap, an “S” is used to tag the snap. On Snapchat, streaks are very popular. Streaks don’t grant you any superpowers, but they do grant you bragging rights and an emoji with a flame next to your name on your friend’s account.

How is S on Snapchat used?

On Snapchat, there are numerous ways to send “S.” Snaps sent by users to keep up their streaks are called streak snaps. Both users must send each other a snap within 24 hours to keep their streak alive. While this is simple to accomplish if you frequently use Snapchat, some users might find it difficult to send a snap each day. A snap is identified as a Streak snap by the letter “S” on it. This is done to clear up any uncertainty the receiver may have after receiving a blank snap. Therefore, if you get a snap with an “S” on it, it means the user is sending it to you to keep up your Snapstreak on the app.

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Use of S on Snapchat

S depicts a streak, so if you wish to maintain your snap streak with your friend, you could send your friend a snap with S over it. The identical picture might also be sent to every individual with whom you are currently on a streak. You can keep your streak without sending individual shots if you do it that way. Using the draw tool on your snap is the simplest way to send a Streak snap. Just use the Snapchat camera to take a picture, then tap the “Draw” button in the right-side panel. Send your buddies a gorgeous, elaborate S that you made with your finger.

GIFs add fun to everything, and Snapchat has a great selection of them. To identify your snap as a Streak snap, you can add a GIF. Just use the Snapchat camera to take a picture, then hit the “Sticker” button in the right-side panel. Look up “streak” in the search box at the top. Find your favorite GIF by scrolling through all of them. As many as you want can be added to the snap.


This was the complete article on what does an S mean on a Snap. I hope you found this article helpful. If you have any questions related to what does an S mean on a Snap then you can mention it in the comments down below.

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