What Happens After A 1000 Streak On Snapchat?

By Evan Spiegel, Bobby Murphy, and Reggie Brown and produced by Snap Inc., Snapchat is a mobile application. The initial release occurred in 2011. It was a game-changer for social media applications at the time of its debut because it provided something unique. Snapchat’s original contribution was to serve as a reminder of the fleeting nature of memories. A lot of users might be wondering what happens after a 1000 streak on Snapchat? We will discuss it soon in this article.

The uploaded images or movies were intended to be momentary, lasting only a few seconds. This feature was well-liked by users, and the app swiftly rose to the top in its category. This function was well-received by users and overworked social media moderators, and it immediately rose to the top of the most popular apps list.

Snapchat Streak – What does it mean?

what is Snapchat Streak

When you and another Snapchat user exchange snaps every 24 hours for at least three days in a row, that is known as a Snapchat streak or Snapstreak. After that, a fire emoji and a number indicating how many days straight you have snapped at each other will display next to the name of that individual. Users have embraced this function since its debut, and they are now trying to have the longest Snapchat strike. A user’s uploaded photo or video is only visible on their profile for 10 seconds after they upload it.

Naturally, Snapchat eventually added the Stories function, where the image or video can be accessed for the following day. User interaction is possible with the help of varying filters and stickers. Now, you might think about what happens after 1000 streaks on Snapchat.

After a 1,000-day Snapchat streak, what happens?

What happens after a 1000 streak on Snapchat

What happens after a 1000 streak on Snapchat is still a question unanswered for a lot of people. Snapchat streaks have been kept up for a very long time. Many of them are therefore concerned about what will occur when one of their streaks hits 1000 days. Unfortunately, nothing extraordinary transpires until you hit the significant figure.

“If you have a 1000-day streak with someone, you will receive a charming sticker.”

However, it’s not just for streaks of a thousand days. In the past, Snapchat offered a function known as “Trophies.” This indicated that achieving specific Snapchat achievements used to result in the unlocking of certain trophies. These accomplishments included things like sending 1000 Snaps and achieving a snap score of over 10,000. However, Snapchat disabled that function, claiming that it caused its users to become “too addicted.” I hope you are clear on what happens after 1000 streaks on Snapchat.

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How to get your Snapchat streak back?

If you and your buddies had a long-running streak and one day you forgot to send a snap or perhaps you didn’t have an internet connection, then that streak would be broken. Although this may be depressing, there is a solution for you to restore those streaks. Follow the simple steps below:

  • You must visit Snapchat for help on the company’s website.
  • Select “My Snapstreaks have vanished” when you get there.
  • You will be prompted to provide your details, including your username, email address, and mobile number.
  • Along with the length of the streak, you must also include the username of the person with whom it was broken.


I hope you found this article on what happens after a 1000 streak on Snapchat helpful. If you still have any questions related to this topic then you can let me know in the comments down below.

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