10 Must-Have Apps for Real Estate Investors in 2023

Real estate investment remains one of the most profitable and prestigious career paths in the US. Having the right tools for real estate investing can make or break your ability to generate tons of passive income, after all. For those who want to expand (or start) their real estate empire in 2023, there are ten must-know about apps that can make your dreams come true:

1. DocuSign

Signing documents, and making sure they’re signed in both an effective and legal fashion, is key for real estate operations. Thankfully, DocuSign is one of the easiest-to-use apps out there built solely for this task. The fact that all the basic features you’ll need from DocuSign, as a real estate investor, are free to access, makes the app that much easier to brag about. 

2. Homesnap

Made specifically for real estate professionals, Homesnap has made learning about homes easier than ever before. Those who need help finding mixed-use properties will find Homesnap especially useful. Their absolutely massive database of properties for sale, and the number of details uploaded to the app about said homes, have ensured the app’s spot on this list. If you’re doing real estate investing in 2023, you simply must have the latest version of the Homesnap app. 

3. PayYourRent

Getting your rent paid on time can be a huge pain. It’s an even bigger pain for landlords and real estate property managers who are waiting for their payments. With the PayYourRent app, the rent payment processing process has become simpler than ever before. Many backends that handle renter payments, and more, now use elements of the PayYourRent app to ensure operations run smoothly. 

4. Rentometer

For a simple tool that makes comparing rental prices and market share stats a breeze, go no further than the stellar app design and functionality that Rentometer provides. If you’re looking for up-and-coming areas to invest in, Rentometer makes the process of finding promising areas incredibly intuitive. Even if you’re just now getting into real estate investing, the tools Rentometer provides will end up being invaluable. 

5. Xome

Auction properties are the lifeblood of many real estate investors’ portfolios. For this reason, having a place where you can see up-to-date, and accurate listings for home sales, foreclosure events, property auctions, and more, is key. With the latest version of the Xome app, keeping yourself up-to-date with this information has become easier than ever. The simple-to-navigate layout and UI of the Xome app have made it that much more beloved by experienced real estate investors in 2023. 

6. Property Fixer

When you’re a real estate pro, one thing is always true: time is money. Due to this, those who like to flip houses and quickly make quality acquisitions need tools to help them do so. Thankfully, Property Fixer is here to answer the prayers of real estate investors in 2023. The app is great for purchasing short sales, and fixer-upper properties that can be used for modern real estate investment schemes, such as the BRRRR process. 

7. LegalTemplates

Property owners and real estate professionals have to not only sign a lot of documents but have to create them as well. Thanks to the LegalTemplates app, many in the real estate game no longer have to spend thousands on lawyers to draft these important legal documents. LegalTemplates creates unique, useful, and accurate legal templates for you to use based on your location, the property type you’re dealing with, and many other crucial details. 

8. Doorsteps

If you’re doing most of your real estate investing and management online, you’ll need the latest online tools to help you do so successfully. With the Doorsteps app, you can handle listings throughout many different popular platforms (such as Zumper and Zillow) with relative ease. If you want to simplify the process you use for your real estate listings in 2023, this is the app you’ve been looking for. 

9. DealMachine

Off-market leads are invaluable for quality real estate investors. DealMachine is a nearly one-of-a-kind app that provides details surrounding local real estate deals in a clear, concise manner. The app also has many fantastic features that make looking for off-market leads an absolute breeze. 

10. Dotloop

If you need quality transaction management software, you need to learn about Dotloop, and you need to do it yesterday. This revolutionary app allows real estate professionals to handle almost all of their admin tasks in a single online space. While the complex app design and uses can be difficult to comprehend at first, the app more than makes up for this one drawback thanks to just how widely used and useful it is.

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