Error Code 2123 1502 Nintendo Switch | 4 Easy Fixes

An error code 2123 1502 switch denotes a persistent connection issue, which prevents the Switch from downloading (or updating) games or software. If you are looking to fix the error code 2123 1502 Nintendo switch issue, you’re on the right page.

4 Nintendo-related problems

Various client-side factors and Nintendo-related problems might have caused the error. Here are a few examples of typical ones:

1. Sleep Mode of the Nintendo Switch:

The Nintendo Switch can’t connect with the home network when in sleep mode. Select the “Power Off” screen and turn on your Switch to solve the issue.

2. Corrupt Cache of the Nintendo Console:

A corrupted cache of the Nintendo console can affect the connection as well. You must delete and reinstall the game or software to solve this problem.

3. Disabling Metadata of the Nintendo Switch:

You can also disable metadata in your console, which can influence the download speed of your games or software. To enable it again, visit Settings>System>Metadata>>enable it.

4. Restarting the Switch:

Restarting a broken console will help solve issues related to application updates and network connections.

Nintendo Switch error code 2123 1502 Fixes

Method 1: Retry the Download from the Download Options

A temporary bug in the handshake protocol between the Switch and its servers may be the cause of the application or game download failure that results in the error 2123-1502. Retrying the download, in this case, using the Download Options, may resolve the current issue.

  • For resolving error code 2123-1502 nintendo switch, First, you have to click on “Cancel” to cancel the download and retry later. 
  • If your Switch does not require anything, You can use “Download Options” of the Switch instead of downloading from the Nintendo servers again. 
  • All options are optional; choose what you like according to your style of play.

Method 2: Enable and Disable the Flight Mode of the Nintendo Switch

This is a good option for fixing the error code 2123-1502 switch. The flight mode of the Nintendo Switch is used to reduce power consumption when the console is not being used.

When downloading or updating games on your Nintendo Switch, you may see that it cannot connect with servers. To enable or disable the flight mode of your console, visit Settings>System>Flight Mode.

If you are facing any other problems while downloading any game or software, like “error code 2123-1502 nintendo switch” on Nintendo Switch, please comment below with the solutions given above.

Method 3: Change the Preferred Language of the Nintendo Switch

You can change the preferred language of the Nintendo Switch from Settings>System>Language. If you have changed the required language to Portuguese, you can fix the error code 2123-1502 nintendo switch. Please change your preferred language to Japanese or English to resolve the issue.

Method 4: Restart Console Processes

The error code 2123 1502 switch on your device, like downloads are stalled and stuck on their start point. However, you can restart them to fix this error.

  • Hold the power button for at least 6 seconds after the Power Options appear on the screen and release it when you see a message stating, “The system is entering Sleep Mode.” 
  • Turn off your Switch, then press and hold the power button until the system turns on.
  • Connect your Switch to a power source and let it sit while you turn it back on. It will restart all processes and should have fixed your problem.

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These were the complete in-detail solutions for those facing error code 2123 1502 in Nintendo switch. I hope you liked the article. Let me know if you have any more related questions to this topic.

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