Samsung Smart Switch Stuck Issue [Easy Fix] | 2 Methods

Even though Samsung has created the legendary smart switch for its users which is a revolutionary step ahead, currently, it is far from perfect. The most common issue users face here is the ‘smart switch stuck on preparing’ or the ‘samsung smart switch stuck’ issue. In this article, we shall discuss how to fix the problem.

Why does the samsung smart switch stuck issue happen in the first place?

There is no particular cause for which the Samsung smart switch stuck issue happens. A couple of things that can be the reason of the smart switch stuck on preparing issue happens are:

  1. The application may have been installed incorrectly.
  2. Less space in either of the devices.
  3. Wi-Fi connection is slow and laggy.
  4. There might be malware in either of the devices.

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Solutions To fix the samsung smart switch not working issue

Follow the steps below to fix Samsung smart switch not working issue:

Method 1

The first step to fixing the Samsung smart switch not working issue is to perform general checks to ensure that there is no problem. If any, then they need to be resolved first.

  • Charge each smartphone device to have at least 50% battery. Just like during software updates, some processes can only happen when the devices have that minimum amount of battery. When there is a lesser battery charge, the devices face the risk of running out of battery.
  • Update both devices to the latest software versions. 
  • Reinstall the application on both devices.

Move to Method 2 if the problem is not solved.

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Method 2

If either of the steps provided in method 1 do not work and the smart switch stuck on preparing, then we have to make sure that our devices have enough storage space. We can do this by clearing the cache. Follow these steps which will help you clear the cache:

  • Go to the phone settings.
  • Go the storage and clear the cache. 

This method will clear the cache of not only the phone but also the system cache. There is nothing to worry about since your phone data will still be retained, it will not get lost. When you clear the cache, you are only clearing the temporary files which are unnecessary.

If there is still insufficient space because of which you are facing the smart switch stuck on preparing issue, then the last resort is deleting a few apps off the smartphone device. We highly recommend to have a minimum of 500 mb free space to avoid the smart switch stuck on preparing issue and easily fix Samsung smart switch stuck problem.

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Final Words

As you can see, the smart switch stuck on preparing is a common issue which happens in majority of the Samsung phones. The good news is that Samsung smart switch stuck can be fixed by following a few simple steps which can be performed in a few minutes. 

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