“Ghost Touch iPhone 11” Issue | 5 Easy Fixes

Facing ghost touch iPhone 11 issue? You know, when you accidentally touch your iPhone screen and it registers as if you’re still touching? It’s annoying. Especially if you use your phone for work or other applications that require precision. This type of ghost touching iphone 11 issue is not common to all iPhone 11 users, but to some extent, everyone will experience it once or twice.

There are different possible causes for this issue on ghost touching iphone 11. Since such errors can be due to hardware or software issues, you need to troubleshoot the problem first before running to the service center.

This post will teach you how to fix ghost touch on iphone 11 (iPhone 11 Screen Fix), so that the next time it happens, it won’t be a big deal.

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How to fix after upgrading to iOS 13.2.3, the ghost touch glitch on an iPhone 11?

1. Restart your phone: 

Press and hold the Power button and swipe up from the bottom of the screen to turn off your iPhone, or swipe the slider from top to bottom on your Lock screen. Wait for about 10 seconds before pressing the Power button again and turning on your device.

2. Wipe your phone: 

For the ghost touch iphone 11 issue, you should wipe your iPhone clean and clear all data, then restore the data from the cloud or computer.

a) To wipe your iPhone, tap Settings > General > Reset.

b) Tap “Erase All Content” and “Settings” and confirm if needed. When prompted, enter your passcode. Again tap “Erase All Content” and “Settings” to confirm your choice.

c) Next, tap “Reset Network Settings” or “Reset All Settings” (these options may vary depending on the version of iOS installed on your device), and confirm if needed.

3. Update iOS: 

If the ghost touch iphone 11 glitch on your iPhone 11 persists, update iOS to the latest version with these steps.

a) Open Settings > Tap General > Software Update. If a software update is available, tap Download and Install. Enter your passcode when prompted to confirm the installation (if you’re using Touch ID, it will also ask for your passcode). Wait for the progress bar to fill up and for the installation process to finish. 

b) If an update isn’t available, you can try to force the issue by tapping “Download and Install” again. This way you will solve your concern about how to fix ghost touch on iphone 11.

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4. Install pending app updates:

Aside from outdated programs, other potential offenders include programs that have malfunctioned as a result of a recent system upgrade. If your iPhone is still showing ghost touch iphone 11 issue then follow these steps

  • To launch the application, touch on the App Store icon on the Home screen.
  • Once the App Store has opened, tap Updates. Here you can see all the apps that have any pending updates. Tap Update All if there are any that require your attention. This should fix your touch glitch. This way you can get a solution of how to fix ghost touch on iphone 11.

5. Factory reset to fix ghost touching iphone 11:

Usually, the only solution to persistent issues is to do a factory reset. In light of this, you should attempt a factory reset as your final resort if none of the previously mentioned fixes for the ghost touch iphone 11 glitch work.

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