“Message Blocking Is Active iPhone” Easy Fix

Are you facing message blocking is active iPhone error? There’s a common misconception that Apple’s iMessage, which uses your phone number as the key for sending messages to other Apple devices, is not compatible with other brands. If you are facing message blocking iphone problem, then you are at the right place.

Aside from that, you can still send messages to non-iPhone users, but they will not be able to receive them. You may have also noticed that the other messaging apps (iMessage) are only accessible on iOS. This is because iMessage uses a specific technology known as carrier-grade SMS, or free msg: unable to send message iPhone. 

This is the default message-blocking app on Android phones. Alternatively, you can download free apps that are compatible with this app, such as Google Hangouts and WhatsApp Messenger.

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Here are some common reasons for message blocking iphone:


If someone has made your message blocking is active iphone by keeping it in the blocklist, you will not be able to make any message through the other party.


In the iphone, the deleted message blocking is active iphone, which means the message is deleted in the end and will not be able to retrieve.

App Restrictions: 

Let you use the default app; the message blocking is active iphone app. The messages you send are sent to whichever phone number it was sent to. If your phone has other apps installed on it (e.g., WhatsApp or Skype), then messages may get blocked because they are not compatible with free msg: unable to send message iphone.

Cellular Plan Restrictions: 

If you are on a plan that does not contain unlimited messaging, you may not be able to send free msg: unable to send message iphone users. Subject to any of the above situations, you can remove the blocklist from your iPhone to activate the message blocking is active iphone app. 

The basic steps to fix the message blocking is active on iPhone error:

  • Go to Settings > Messages and select the option “Show iMessage Options.”
  • Select “Rejects” and then press “Set Blocked Numbers.”
  • You can enter your numbers in the suitable field and do Save it. Just allow the iPhone to access it. In this way, you will be able to solve message blocking iphone problem.

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Q. How to turn off message blocking on is active iPhone? 

A: If someone sending a message to your phone is blocked, but the sender has deleted it, your phone may also assume it was not delivered to you. For this free msg: unable to send message iphone, the messages remain on your phone’s storage and are ready for a specific time.

Q. Is it safe to use iPhone? 

A: There have been many concerns about the iPhone’s safety. Many people believe that Apple’s most significant selling point is the ability to customize your phone, like changing its color or replacing specific hardware. Most people buy an iPhone because they want to know that it’s safe and reliable, but if you’re not sure, here are some reasons why the iPhone can be safe to use.

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